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Hellrazor vs Mini Driver

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  • Hellrazor vs Mini Driver

    Interested if anyone out there has ridden both the Mini Driver and the Hellrazor
    Or at least feel them up
    If so what do you think the differences in how they feel in the hands and under the feet
    Which is better/favourite in your opinion

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    Anybody had a chance to look these two over


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      The Mini thins out a LOT more in the tail. Obviously the pulled in round tail in going to offer more control too. I haven't compared them on the compare tool but imagine they are quite similar from the fins forward. Both have a decent nose rocker and flatter out the tail. Both have a single to double but the HR has a more defined double if I remember rightly.

      In powerful, hollow waves I'd give the MN the nod but in everyday waves I think they'd both be good. The HR is going to give more support under the back foot to push harder in lesser waves.


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        Are you still happy that you purchased the MD over the Razor
        I'm also leaning towards a MD but also enjoyed riding the razor when I took it for a spin
        At the moment it's 60% MD and 40% Razor


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          I really haven't had a lot of riding time on the MN. I've enjoyed what I've had on it though. Feels very fast, even as a thruster, very solid on rail. Haven't had any good snaps on it yet, which is where I think the HZ will excel.


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            Yeah the round tail sensation for me has always been smoother and had a little more flow rail to rail. same goes for the MN. It has high end performance capabilities, but its not quite as sensitive as a high performance squash tail. The MN you kind of cruise and wrap a little more where the hellrazor you can kind of jam and gouge a bit more...

            Cheers and hope this helps!!