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6'1 or 6'3 hellrazor ?

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  • 6'1 or 6'3 hellrazor ?

    Thinking of changing my quiver quite a bit... been wanting to change my alternator into a FST one, and maybe try out a different model that will get me into waves slightly earlier and work a bit better in waves that are less than perfect.

    was set on then minnie driver, but as we rarely get barreling waves here so I think that the Hellrazor might be better ?

    So... might end up selling all the boards I have now (5'4 Sweet Potato, 5'8 Spitfire, 6'2 Alternator), and replacing them with a 5'8 Potatonator and a 6'1/6'3 Hellrazor. I like the 6'1 for the width and length, but a bit worried about the low volume... never tried a board under 30 liters before. Surf in Norway, so waves tend to a bit weaker and have to have a 4/3 og 6mm suit on... so a bit more volume is needed. Info about me is in my signature.

    So, what size would replace the 6'2 Alternator? There's about 2 liters of difference between the two hellrazors, the 6'3 HR being quite close the 6'2 Alt.
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    I think the 603 would feel long. I'm waiting for them to make it to the CBD, I fancy a beefed up 510.

    Sam Lam seems to like his Hellrazor... :)


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      That's what I'm worried about.... only surfed shorter boards lately... long time since a decent swell so the Alternator haven't been used for a while. But do you think that the volume is too low in the 6'1? Looks like it's a bit more beefy in the tail and does have more width than the alternator.... might help? Don't want do end up with a board that is too hard to catch waves with....

      a beefed up Hellrazor.... more or less a hellfire with less concave and coffin tail then ?

      Yeah, I've seen the video :)


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        Hi Erling,

        Your future quiver sounds familiar as well as your vitals so for both the HZ and PNator, I think between the 2 sizes it will come to your abilities surfing. How often or how good do you surf?
        For instance a 6'3 HZ suits me perfectly and I'm stoked with it but better surfers would have get the 6'1 or even smaller.
        Regarding the PNator, I took the 5'8 because I couldn't afford a brand new one so I bought a second-hand for a good price and I'm very happy with it. It fulfill all the volume I need to backup my laziness on the board but to be honest, it would have been a more exciting challenge to go for a 5'6.

        Hope that helps.


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          Just had a really fun session on the 5'8 Spitfire. Think I need to use this board a bit more and get used to it. Used it as a quad with K3 front and Sf4 rear, good speed and drive :) About chest-shoulder pointbreak waves, and the board felt perfect.

          Might swap the sweet potato for a potatonator and the alternator for something else like the Hellrazor or Lost Mini-Driver, but at the moment I think I just need to get more surf and see how my current quiver works for me through the fall :)


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            I am going to Buy the 6'1 hellrazor


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