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hellrazor hellfire or michel bourez?

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  • hellrazor hellfire or michel bourez?

    hi all well ive been surfing 22 years and most of them years been on a standard 6'4 x 18.5 x 2.25 to 2.5 . Im 39 years old but surf every day i can,stated surfing smaller boards about 5 years ago,5'6, 5'9 fishes to 5'11 to 6'1 hybrids ... my quiver now is 6'0 webber fat burner( i hate) 6'1 x 19.75 x 2.5 gulfstream fastback(love it) 6'4 x 18.75x 2.75 simon anderson interceptor (not very good in normal english waves) 6'6 x 19 x 2.5 LSD step up (old) and my 6'8x 19x2.5 x 2.5 gulfstream indo mini gun. looking at buying a firewire as took my mates new hellfire 5'10 for a few waves yesterday and was blown away!!..but im thinking will this cut it upto 6foot double over head? was thinking maybe 6'0 but dont want corky, but then the 5'10 was ripping..but im selling the lsd,webber,and just sold the anderson so looking for a short board more than anything.p.s the calculator says 32 to 39 litres which i think is way to much.heres a link to me surfing sultans in the maldives on a 6'1 mckee retrolution.cheers

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    All good choices, I guess it depends on the type of board your want. More of a hybrid go Hellfire, it will handle size, but might feel short when it gets solid. If you want a full short board go for the Michel Bourez model and for a happy medium between the two then the Hellrazor. The HF and HZ are going to be the more versatile boards with the 5 fin plugs and extra width and slightly lower rockers so will suit a big range of waves in Devon. But when the waves are good the MB is going to be magic.


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      thanks for the reply...the board will mainly be for good low tide croyde at shoulder to head and a half,then the 6'8 gulfstream will cruse the low tide tubes! not sure on size tho would hate to be under volume and not catch enough waves but dont want to be going for a big turn and not bury the rail? what sizes would you recomend as the calc doesnt seem to make sense as the range is massive? cheers


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        What's your height and weight? If you the 510 HF felt good then I'd stick around that volume but that's likely quite a bit less that the other boards you've been surfing. Maybe 601 Hellrazor or the thicker 6'0" Michel or the thinner 6'2" MB. The 6'0" Hellfire is quite a bit more chunky that the 5'10".

        Maldives looks fun, I've potentially scored a slot on a boat trip their for next May, just waiting to hear back from a buddy if there's any spaces left!


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          mate i stayed at lohis its amazing!..that video was made at sultans me the surf guide danny (world safaris) and two japs who surfed the end section ,2.5 hrs two people on the peak in them waves...lucky lucky!!!im just under six foot tall and 84kg in my clothes..maybe i should stop eating so many pasties!!also going to indo in january for 3 weeks so looking for a board between my 6'1 gulfstream fastback and 6'8 pin...but the hellfire 5'10 was sick!