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  • Hellfire ! Yes !

    Posted on here a few times now. Have a fuego and a futura. The futura is amazing. Took it in some good clean 4ft solid surf and it ripped. Had chance to pick up cheap hellfire so jumped at it. Took it out last week. Amazing! Was only pretty weak so i know it won't come alive till it gets bigger and more powerful, however I still found it to float and surf really well. Little more twitchy but I like that! Can't wait to get it in again.... Then took out my fuego.... Felt to big and buoyant!!! Think I bought too big, and all I want to grab us the hellfire!! However to change things up and. Compliment the quiver thinking selling fuego and buying a spitfire for the in between and general surf for 80percent time... What peoples thoughts? 5ft 8 spit my call... Just need to find one that I can afford!!

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    What size hellfire futura and fuego do you ride? Weight/height?


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      James, we need a bit more info on your stats & what hole your trying to fill in the quiver.

      I surf the spit until the surf picks up then I bust out the Hellfire & fly!

      These two boards for me cover the 2-6' mush\clean wave range!

      Just wondering if your Futura (not having riden one) will cover a similar range as the spit & as you like your futura so much you might want to look for a different style of Firewire add to the coverage of your quiver !


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        yeah agree. that is a good, versatile, 2 board quiver...


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          Thanks fellas, I'm intermediate fairly competent surfer of 8 yrs, 5ft 8 and 11stone..........


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            I'm 11 stone and 5'9 intermideate asand surf the Dom in a 5'6 (gonna float same as a 5'6 spit) it feels good to me at this weight n height. My el fuego is a 5'9 and it feels pretty similar in terms of float. It all depends on the size of your other boards if you looking to reduce float. What size el fuego and hellfire do you have? So we can get an idea of the volume you like