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Hellfire starting to go yellow

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  • Hellfire starting to go yellow

    Just took the wax off the HF and noticed that under the wax..nice and white..but up on the nose she is starting to go a bit yellow..I think I already know the answer there anything you can do to bring back the white?? I thought that problem had been overcome with the new epoxy? Thanks in advance.

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    I sanded an old one down a bit and that took some of the white off. Might not be the best alternative but it got it white enough to sell.


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      n Yeah, I did think about that but worry that sanding will go down through the mat which is not far under the top coat. Also wondered if the yellow is superficial or goes through the resin. Anyone know?
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        Yeah it could easily be the whole way through the resin, I think it's unavoidable.


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          Maybe paint whole board?


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            Love my Hellfire few years old now and although close to mint condition was going yellow mostly towards the nose, so i gave her a respray today.

            Ive had four FW boards, but the Hellfire is still my fav, its a magic board, sooner or latter im going to have to order another just for the new fresh white look and feel, but until then hopefully this freshen up respray will get me through.


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              Such a great board


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                Just poke your eyes out and surf blind it will still feel the same!

                I think what is yellowing is the vinyl composite that sits between the 2 layers of glass. Mine is as yellow as but it still surfs unreal.
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                  The white paint? The composite is a brown/grey colour.

                • Slowman
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                  hmmm perhaps but I was sure the composite when I snapped my JK was a creamy colour, tossed it so I can't check but if I recall there was a brown inner layer before the second (internal) glass fabric layer.