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Float: Too much or too little

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  • Float: Too much or too little

    I have a 6'2" Hellfire and I think I have it spot on. It is a future fin set up, although I am still working on finding the best fins for it. My question is if my perfect volume is between 34-37 would it be better to be on the higher end of the volume spectrum or lower volume spectrum in a little bit bigger waves?

    I would think that being a little less volume would be better.

    I would not surf anything bigger 6-8 foot!


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    If you think you have it spot on, I reckon you have it spot on!

    With the Hellfire I feel the more power the waves have the less volume you need (within reason)!

    So to answer your question, I reckon the smallest size/volume you can comfortably get onto the wave with is the best for you as the board is a performance driven jet & loves to be ridden as small as you can!


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      Yeah, I agree. I have ridden the Hellfire at 6'2" and I think it will be perfect for me. I need to spend some more time on it as the 6'0 DOM is getting in the way. That is the perfect volume for me as I surfed it in 2 foot stuff today and it was great!


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        yeah i think you guys are in the right spot regarding volume.

        Ha the increased hwork activity on the forum surely means "school's (almost)....out...for...summer..."


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          True that my borther!!!! WHooo!