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  • Considering a Hellfire?

    Hi All

    Just wanted any thoughts or advice on some board selection. I have only been surfing 18 months but get out 2 - 4 times a week. Im 6ft 3 , 40 yrs and about 93kgs and surf East Coast New Zealand . I currently have a 6'6 Spitfire with Indo Controller fins (45Ltr) which is great. It gives me adequate paddle power to get into most waves around here, which are normally on the fatter side) I could probably even drop to a 6'4 Spitfire soon, or on the better days. The Volume Calculator has me at 43 - 53 ltrs if I class myself as Intermediate (which I would say Im more like Beg/Int but then volumes are way over for me)

    I have been considering a 6'8 or 6'10 Hellfire for the days when the waves get overhead as Ive noticed I do struggle a bit on the SF when that happens. I like the Idea of the 47Ltr volume on the 6'10 and getting in that bit earlier would certainly be welcome at my current confidence levels haha, but when i look at the dimensions it feels like its going to be too wide & thick and I probably favour the thickness etc on the 6'8. But then I dont want to leave myself short of paddle power when Im out there? I guess Im wondering if you guys prefer a bit less or a bit more volume when it comes to the bigger days???

    I have also recently started surfing more at quite a hollow, fast beach break, normally waist to head high. I am struggling a little on the SF keeping the nose up with the hollower take offs and drops compared to the normally fatter point breaks ive been surfing. Alot of it i know is just my current skill level but Im just wondering if you guys would have any other board choices for these type of waves? (I hear people taking smaller boards on these waves but I cant see how I could drop much more volume as I would have even later drops, but then Im open to any suggestions)

    I have read all the other posts and theres some great advice there which has really helped me so far....... but just thought i Would throw it out there

    Any advice greatly appreciated, cheers

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    Well your current level might have something to do with it but if the waves are steeper you'll definitely need a board with a bit of extra rocker but refined. Also good set of Large fins will be preferable.
    As far as fins goes, I would recommend you the AM2 futures in thruster for the spit for the bigger days. They will make the board more stable than the controllers
    On bigger days I rather have a little extra to help me out with the paddle, but always staying close to your comfort zone!

    Hellfire is a good option at your current level but if you wan to dear a bit,the Hellrazor might be something to look at on the bigger size as well


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      If you're riding FCS fins I think the AM2 are the GAM template in futures. I'd go with the Performance Core construction as they are a little stiffer and lighter than the composite version.

      In medium sized, hollower waves I'd normally be riding a similar board, if not the same board, as I'd be riding in bigger waves. Something a touch longer, thinner and with a bit more rocker. The HellFire and HellRazor would fit the bill. I think the Hellfire could be a better pick as you'd be looking at a fairly long HellRazor to keep the volume up and the length might start working against you if you end up too long.
      The Hellfire has a little more rocker than the Spitfire, it's nose and tail are more pulled in and it's all together more refined. That'll help keep the nose out the way on the steeper drops and it'll bite into a steeper face a bit more. It's still fairly low rockered for a high performance board and quite wide so it'll have that user friendliness that the Spitfire has whilst allowing you to excel when the conditions are a little more challenging.


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        I agree HF and no longer than the 6'8" IMHO.


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          I think the 6'8" Hellfire is your board mate. Would compliment the Spitfire perfectly.

          Oh man, I can feel that "I need another board" feeling coming over me. I reckon a 6'8 Hellfire might be just the ticket for my upcoming Maldives trip. You got yours yet buzzy?
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            I ordered the 6'4" Futura, but don't expect to see it for a few more weeks yet.


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              Hey thanks everyone for the advice, 6'8 Hellfire it is then. On the subject of Fins has anyone tried or have any thoughts on TC Redlines thruster in the HF? instead of PC7s or GAMs...?


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                love the TC redlines, lots of drive and also not too stiff (at times)...I used to use the TC redline rear fin when it was overhead+ and use a 3" trailer fin when under.


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                  6'8 Hellfire on order and 4 weeks to wait till it gets here!


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                      Jynxz. Good one....think your gonna love that board! It eats up the hollow drops & getting in early is easy if the wave has a bit of push! Tried the TC redlines but I found them a bit stiff for me, I like alot of flex in my fins! Currently riding the HF with Soar powerbase fins in electraflex. Mainly ride as a quad but have a set of DXLs as a thruster for when it gets narlier! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        stoked on all the help!!