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  • Potato to the hellfire

    Recently took my hellfire out in solid head high surf. Problem is the winter and spring has been so bad for waves on the east coast USA that I havnt ridden it since December. My potato has gotten alot more usage seems like alot of days have been in the thigh to chest range I noticed it took me a few waves to get dialed in on the hellfire. I have to admit though that I've been street surfing with my monster carver and I did carve some nice turns into the wave once I got the drop down. Any advice on transitioning from one to the other. I guess this is the curse of being an East coast surfer. It's flat or tiny or weak 80 percent of the time but when it's good it's great. I'm picking up a potatonator any day now so that will get alot of usage in 2 to 3 ft. Hopefully that will help the transition to the hf.

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    Same situation here. First few waves you're gonna feel the hellfire pretty wobbly, you might even slide off the face a couple of times. Don't worry it will not take long til you get your feet back on it.
    Over here I bring my carver in the car all the time. Now that I got the REVERT CX I have pretty much one board in the car and the other one at home. It has helped tremendously
    After 6hrs driving and 3hrs sesh on nicely pumping waves, a bit of relaxing
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      Yeah. Blew my first drop on Monday's fun south swell but next drop I threw a nice bottom turn onto a half way decent cut back. That's the carver helping me there. Just felt right.


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        no secret and I KNOW your plight. Going from flat to rockered on the east coast can be an unenjoyable task. you just have to take a grain of salt and know that you have the talent under the flat board familiarity. it comes way back.

        Otherwise you can always strength train and do numerous pop ups over the course of the week mixed in with pushups. Its a good habit, improves eye foot coordination and core strength. surfing starts with getting to your feet and when you are skateboarding, you are never popping up. work those muscles.