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Finally broke my Hellfire, need help on a replacement

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  • Finally broke my Hellfire, need help on a replacement

    Hey there, not much activity in here since the demise of my favourite board, but would appreciate any help.

    So I'm just an aging, average surfer who gets out intermitently, I've been riding a 6' 6" hellfire for the last 5 years until a buckled it recently.
    In essence I love it because it floats and planes easily 39.7 litre, but also feels responsive for a longer shortboard. I pretty much was using this from grovelling to well overhead where it was great.
    My question is has anyone found a similar board to do a similar all round role, the most important thing is getting into waves easily and early with the ability for some basic moves.

    Appreciate any comments : )

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    i would suggest a helium evo..good for small to overhead waves..paddles like a dream


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      Thanks mate, decided to try a whole range of boards and sizes, hadn't considered the EVO


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        On paper the Unibrow was a close relative, and should fit the description. If you can find one somewhere it'll do the truck.
        Then, something like a bigger Amigo and maybe also a Stubby Bastard are egally contenders.
        In the weirder Tomo range an Evo is a contender, but in my personal opinion, though I love my evo, it is less versatile than a standard shape as it's less good in really choppy and bumpy stuff, the wide nose gets caught. And there is a limit as it gets too fast in big steep waves beyond good OH.
        The cymatic might fix these issue of the evo, but has lower hp rail and is LFT, though mine LFT boards have held up ok so far (still no comparison to FST or helium, not a scratch on my gamma after 45 days of good use).
        There are the machado boards, then, too, but they are all LFT, mostly more mellow or special. Can't say much about them, not my direction. Good luck !


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          Hi Bardy,
          One of the local surfshops where I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland recently had a brand new FST Hellfire in the racks,
          it was only a 5'10 but you never know there may be some old stock floating around if your lucky, won't hurt to ask your local Firewire dealer.