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  • upsizing

    had a 6'10 alternator and got some good rides stuck amazing late drops but missed a lot of waves because not enough paddle power and it still turned like a thruster (clunky). got a 6'6 spitfire and similar story. when I get waves it's super fun and love the way it paddles, rides and beats sections as a quad but still suffering from a low wave count because of the narrow paddle-in window and some waves here just don't allow you to get in early. considering the 7'0 hellfire so I can get in a little early and still stick the late drops when necessary. 8 liters more volume than my current spit but I have been able to throw around high performance longboards and crank turns with oversized sup's and am guessing it will be nice to have the extra buoyancy to offset the slower-paddling extra rocker. Anything less than chest to shoulder high and I'm probably not going to paddle out without a fatty fish or a longboard. Anything in the 8'+ range and I'll take out my 9'0 gun. Does this sound close to reasonable?

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    Took the 6'6 spitfire out today at jocko's and chuns. It was 6-8' and I could get into smaller ones okay but still burying the nose on some of the drops. All those years of bodysurfing pipe, waimea, and sandy's got me used to free-falling into waves with a quick turn and burn at the last second, but spitfire doesn't like that kind of treatment. 6 10' Hellfire has 3 more liters but I'm just concerned about maintaining paddle power. Especially on days like today. Rip was going crazy.


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      Hey beetles, if you like late drops maybe you could look at less volume and length?

      That aside, it's really hard to offer meaningful suggestions without knowing your weight. Also, as an Aussie I don't really have a handle on Hawaiian waves, which have a fair bit more power than us Aussies are used to. Theoretically you should be able to use a bit less planing area to get the same outcome on similar sized waves as we do in Oz.

      Maybe try a 6'6" or 6'10" Addvance as another option?


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        Ok, I see you're 109kg. I would have thought you could get away with a 7' or 7'2" Alternator, or a 6'10" to 7'0" Hellfire. I'm 90kg and I like an Alternator in the 6'6" to 6'8" range. if I was in Hawaii maybe a 6'4" would give me a similar feeling. 6'6" would certainly do it. So just going up on that by 2 inches for each extra 5kg in weight gives me that estimate for the Alt, and then chop 2 inches off that for the HF.

        When I was closer to 100kg than 90kg the 6'10" Alt would definitely have been the go for me. There's no way I could have ridden that successfully at 110kg.

        All in all I reckon the 6'10" Alt you tried out was a little undervolumed for your weight.


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          I got some great waves on that 6'10 alt but it was definitely a bit too under-volumed. It stuck the late drops really well. The problem was racing to get back out before the next set would come in. I'd watch guys make it just under the lip and I'd get creamed and blasted all the way to the inside. The classic trend for Hawaii boards has always been a little longer and more volume to deal with all the water moving around. I'm just wondering if the 6'10 hellfire will paddle fast enough, if the 7'0 will be too corky, and if they will both take drops like that alternator did.

          The only complaint I had about that alternator (besides not having enough float) was the fact that it was a thruster. Having the extra drive and speed from four on the floor makes me feel like I'm a better surfer than I actually am.


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            some footage from yesterday. It was a little bigger where I was but not quite as "pipey".


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              Have you considered a big HellRazor? Still has that hybrid width but less area in the nose and tail, more rocker and 5 fin boxes.

              Those kind of Hawaii conditions you could put any board under my feet and I'd still be blowing it haha.


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                I think you might be on to something. Loving the spitfire in smaller stuff and Hellrazor seems different enough to justify owning them both.


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                  yeah they are two VERY different boards. the hellrazor gives you great control in better surf. Super responsive and precise while the spotty is flatter and faster.