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hellfire too much overlap with spitfire?

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  • hellfire too much overlap with spitfire?

    I posted this over in the spitfire section, but then realized it's probably better suited here. thanks!

    Hi all,

    So my first Firewire was a SF I bought a couple years ago and I was hooked. I had just moved back to Southern California after not surfing more than a few times a year for the previous 6 years (went to school out of state, etc.).

    I am 6 feet and right now about 210 (down from 220 and hoping to level off around 200. I got in to bodybuilding over those last six years so my weight was fluctuating quite a bit between the 180s and 220s).

    I bought the following boards:

    -602 SF which is great.
    -508 Sweet Potato (currently for sale because I picked up at 506 and it blew my mind how much fun this board is! 508 was too much foam for me)
    -604 Pyzalien which is also for sale. The board was fun sometimes, but I think it was just a little undervolumed for me. It was purchased to be my good wave board but when I take it out in good waves (which for me is punchy hollow beach breaks mostly) I usually find myself kind of struggling to get in to waves on time.

    So here is my big question, and maybe this should be posted in another forum, but since the only board that made the cut is the Spitty I figure I'll post here. I now have an amazing small wave board, the 506 SP, a great daily driver, the 602 SF, but I want something for when things get too steep and hollow for the SF.

    I mainly surf Newport Beach, which is a pretty punchy hollow break when it's good. Not a lot of big drawn out turns but a pretty fast down the line wave. I also surf Huntington and fairly often Salt Creek (which is kind of a weird point/reef/beach combo?) and sometimes Trestles and the surrounding breaks.

    I had my heart set on a 604 Hashtag. Seems like a great board. The only problem is that they're now only custom order and I can't find a 6'4" anywhere. I always buy my boards used (because I like to swap them out for others, as you can see). Custom order is expensive and takes 12 weeks.

    I have a chance to buy a 604 Hellfire and wanted to get your opinion on if you think this is too much overlap with the Spitfire or if you think it makes sense as my good wave, 'high performance' board. Should I hold out and keep my eyes peeled for the HT#? Other model? What do you think compliments the SF for when things get over shoulder high and powerful?

    thank you all so much in advance!

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    I am about to get a SF and I own a #. From the looks of the shape I don't think HF will be the answer for hollower bigger waves and very close to the SF. There are long-term HF experts here to comment further


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      thanks apache, i think you're right.


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        Also keep an eye out for a hellrazor as they go off in steep and hollow waves with a lot of hold and stability. They're like the next step up from the hashtag, which feels like a more fluid smoother version of the hellfire.
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          Originally posted by tezza View Post
          Also keep an eye out for a hellrazor as they go off in steep and hollow waves with a lot of hold and stability. They're like the next step up from the hashtag, which feels like a more fluid smoother version of the hellfire.
          thanks for the advice, tezza! yeah both the hashtag and hellrazor would be about a 12 week turnaround from firewire. and, since i'd have to put money down on the order for a board i've never so much as held, i'm kinda nervous about that. I'll just keep checking the used boards and when either one pops up i'll jump on it.


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            You might also eye a Slab at 6'4 or bigger ... though I don't think anyone will sell one (just like no one seems to want to sell a # or mini driver second hand IMHO a - good sign that a shape is a winner ).


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              Another option is if the 6'4" Hellfire is still available and at a really good price, then I'd buy that for the interim. For hollower waves, I reckon you'll find the Hellfire, being narrower, will outperform the Spitfire. That was my experience, especially as a quad; so fast, controlled and precise. Only times it felt vague was when the waves were bumpy or had a choppy face; due to the very deep double concave. The Hashtag was better in these conditions. There's a nice progression from the Dominator through to the Spitfire, Hellfire, Hashtag and Hellrazor, so if you're liking your Spitfire, I reckon you'll like the rest as they're easy to hop onto from one to the other.