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Best Fins for my new/used 6'2" HellFire

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  • Best Fins for my new/used 6'2" HellFire


    So here's the history. I had a Dominator which was a great shortboard for me for a while. It was a bit large, 6'4", but worked great for 6 months until I discovered my 5'10" fish. That has become my small/medium wave board. I use it in anything from 2-5 or 6 ft. It's actually a really stable board, even in bigger waves.

    So i bought a used HellFire 6'2" for days when it's chest and higher. My Dom had 41.5 liters of volume, the HellFire has about 33, so I figure it's a good next step for me. It has a pulled in tail and is a bit sportier than the dom. It may be a stretch for a while, but I wanted something I could grow into, but that also wouldn't take me too long to learn so I just get frustrated.

    So that brings me to fins.... This takes Futures and has a 5 fin setup. There aren't many 5 fin options, seems like only 7 different set ups. So knowing that I'm still learning, still an intermediate, what fins would be the best for me? I don't want anything too squirrely as I may not be able to keep my balance. I'm not to the point of doing quick snaps are hard turns yet, but I'm hoping to get there. I also tend to puss out when the waves are big, half the time I don't have the balls to commit to a wave that is 6' or taller. So I want something I can trust, something stable so that when I do go for a wave I can pull it out.

    Any ideas?

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    both Nev and i at our varied weights (70-90 kg) ride the simon anderson set... thruster all the way... the fourfin set works well if you like that sort of thing... i've tried just about every fin in the 510 hellfire and Nev got it right (as usual).. simons.. i've tried them in the 6'2 and they match it perfectly too.. this fin is large enough to drive the hellfire, but neutral enough to let you surf the boards shape and not the fins....


    • Slowman
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      When did you get a 6'2 HF Core? I don't believe it!! LOL Anyway do you find it a struggle to hold edges in bigger more powerful stuff? Or more sucky waves?

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    Thanks dude. I couldn't wait for a response so I bought them last night! Luckily, I bought the Simon Anderson 5-fin setup! Can't wait to ride this board!


    • Peterleo
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      Try the Dave Rastovich quads. Mmm

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    just in testing slow...had to lean into the fins in steeper sections... but was surprised how reactive it was for its size..rode one guys 6'2 and it had controllers in it.. bit restrictive in tighter spots but felt resonably "normal"..for a damn fourfinner anyway....


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      Ive got a 6'2"HF and weight in at 95 kilos. I really love the SA quads for all out speed waves. I found the fifth small nubster didn't make as much difference as on some other boards. It did feel tight for me with just the quad but to be honest that could be the speed and my ability more than anything. I dropped back to a thruster set of AM2 core and that felts great..Sorry all in large. Love the Hellfire.


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        yeah jbshack!