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Go to board... Hellfire, little Spitfire, Hell Razor or Alternator

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  • Go to board... Hellfire, little Spitfire, Hell Razor or Alternator

    Hi gents,

    Intermediate surfer in Europe i.e. sobbier conditions more often than powerfull. 72KG/160 Lbs 5'9/177cm. I have a SP 5'4 for 1ft crap, a SF 5'10 for all round conditions, but now I want a go to board for avarage to good condition. So gents, would you ad:

    5'6 spit - less volume and normal but more surface
    5'10 Hellfire to basically cover 2-6ft covering everything from my SP to a stepup
    6'1 Hell Razor for a more traditional shortboard alternative
    5'10 Alternator with a easier to approach high performance shortboard

    Mind you, that I could actually buy any two boards to supplement my quiver, but really need something for avarage to good conditions.

    Thanks guys.

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    All good options that will work well in my opinion. Maybe not so much for the smaller Spitfire though.
    Which shapes appeal to you most?


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      The hell razor looks like a good choice for what you are describing


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        6'1 Hell Razor

        although i favor the Hellfire.


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          All of the Hellfire, Hellrazor and Alternator would work. The Hellfire would be the least differentiated from your Spit, and that could be a positive or a negative. I suspect it would be the best pick. The Alt seems to be overlooked a lot because it has been in the line a long time. I personally think it should be the default pick for most surfers for their more trad shortboard. I haven't surfed the Hellrazor and it gets good reviews. I think it l


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            ...looks ugly though through the tail.


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              i like how it looks through the tail actually


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                Ewww ;) ...just kidding.

                Just goes to show beauty is most definitely in the eyes of the beholder.