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  • Advice on Hellfire

    Ok just got back from checking out some Firewires in the local store. I am pretty sure I am going with the 6'4" Hellfire but figured I would jump on the forums for some advice.

    1. Age 44 surfing for 30 yrs so I would say my surfing is about advanced
    2. Living on the Outer Banks NC and looking for a board to handle 4'-8' waves semi-clean to big tubes
    3. More of a big bottom turn big carving style of surfer
    4. 5'10" 185 LBS and excellent shape which puts me in the 31-35 Volume range

    Given that I am about to move into wetsuit season I was thinking a little more volume would be nice.

    My 2 big questions are how well the HF catchs waves and how well it holds the line.

    Thanks for any insight...or links to other posts.


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    CB, I'm 55 200lbs, 6'0 tall and surfed for 45 years and have a 6'2 Hellfire and it catches all but full fat waves pretty easily. If you are talking about 8' barrels (2.5 x overhead) then maybe you want something more like the flexfire or the hellrazor (HZ) with slightly more refined rails for better edge control in the juice. I have both a 6'2 HF and a 6'5 HZ and for the upper end I'd go with the HZ. The HF is good up to about 6' but even then because I have the HZ I'd take that out. The HF is a great board and I love riding it but it can get a bit skatey in real juice because of its speed and thicker rails.

    Core is another guy on here around the same dimensions and age as me and he rides a 5'10, it might make it better in bigger waves, but he can add his opinion on that.
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      Slowman said this perfectly! Great advice.

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    I trhink in the US wave size is measured "on the face", making 8 foot around 1.5x overhead. The HF would be fine for that. I'd think around 6'2" based on reported weight and extrapolating my own preferences at a similar age.


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      yeah Buzzy, that confuses the shit outa me. I'm used to saying 6 foot, which is 1.5 - 2x Overhead... then some people say 6 foot and it's shoulder to head height... Measuring the face makes more sense, but in reality that's not the size of the wave, the bottom can drop out, or the lip can jack up, but the back of the wave is always the back of the wave..


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        the HF catches waves a little easier than a potato chip comp board of similar volume... it holds a line at least as well as your best performance board....BUT... you have to ride it at the right volume... otherwise it will be like any other oversized board and be a nightmare to sink in at speed on steep faces or chop etc....and sluggish to whip around... i've ridden every size from the 508 to the 604 ... even when over 90kg i found the 602 and 604 too buoyant.. and at 6ft i found them too long to work the magic its known for... riding the 510 from over 90kg down to 83kg (and Nev riding it at 70kg) it is like barefoot surfing.. total freedom..(being challenged at the moment by the 506 vanguard though..!!!!) .. the best fit fin is the futures SA3's (both Nev and i at our different weights find this)... i rode the 510/SA3's everyday for 18months in 1ft to ridiculious, including slabs... the only time i would use something else was when i needed a fair sized gun...i rode the hf when most guys were going for their step ups...

        sorry, started hellfire frothing there... everyone here is used to it ..!! long story short...dont get a board thats too big... a couple of liters will hardly help paddling speed but will seriously hamper you when on your feet... to have a reasonable affect on paddling you would be going for 40 something lts.. and thats a boat.... if you are advanced then i would put you on the 6'0 at the most... you might push it in full rubber with the 602...but i wouldnt if you are good and the cleanish waves
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          oh, and the guys who own the bigger models jump on mine and start flying all over the wave with complete freedom and faster rail to rail work.....they get more drive/bite/hold off the rails too.. they find it a bit harder to paddle at first (this disappears after a few sessions though.)... to feel really lively, get the rapidfire...


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            i swear i'll stop typing in a minute...!! the main point of the hf is to ride it 4-6 inches shorter than your performance board... you cant ride it longer than intended without losing what its designed to do... if you "need" to go up around 604, then get the hellrazor... it is designed to be an elongated hellfire...... ok... i'm shutting up now..!!


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              I definitely want to downsize mine to 6'0 and my spit to 5'10. Just a bit tricky right now with funding - spending a few large ones on a new road bicycle. The 6'0 HF will still be more volume than my V4 6'0 and it feels quite buoyant.

              Come on Core froff some more!


              • rivamon
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                G'day slowman I live in cronulla and have an fst hellfire 510 with futures that I want to swap for a 60 . Board is a year old and in good condition . If interested leg me know cheers

              • Slowman
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                Thanks rivamon but I was interested in a 5'10 spitfire not HF.

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              "they find it a bit harder to paddle at first" <- THIS. Very important IMHO.

              If your first paddle out doesn't feel a bit difficult, you bought too big.

              I got a 6'6" Hellfire and it felt like a reasonable paddle the first time out. Now it feels too big. I should have gotten the 6'4".

              It could be where I'm at (still improving, which is nice).

              I do note that the double concave took 2-3 sessions to get used to - it felt funny. (I came from single concave Spitfire) but now I love it.

              If it's not a struggle, it wasn't worth it!


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                5'11" 180 lbs, 43 yo inter/adv level. Bought a 6-2 HF as my big fat winter step up. The waves we have are generally fat beach breaks but can get 1.5x overhead in winter before it gets too gnarly to battle the whitewater out Had the board for 6 months and finally got to ride it in overhead waves that started off super fat then jacked up fast. The board felt perfect. Not too difficult to paddle in and locked right in and flew. Didn't feel corky at all just stable and fast. Had a set of medium tech flex quads in it. which held surprisingly well on the drops probably due to the tail profile on the board. I have been mentally battling with this board as I was concerned I over volumed it but after that last session I know I have a board perfect for those crazy big fat days where you just wouldn't be able to get into the wave on anything less without going super long or dropping in super late. It has the same volume as my 5-10 spitfire but has 4" more length and a whole lot more nose rocker.


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                  I now have a 6'0 HF as well as the 6'2, so far so good. Probably handles better than the 6'2 in bigger waves but I'm not sure about whether I'm losing a bit at the low end. Probably not I took it out in waves on Sunday that were really made for the spitfire and it still went OK.


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                    I don't xazzor, I am 61, 155 lbs (70 kg) and love my 5'10". Handles anything I want to ride up to about double overhead. Also have a 6'2' HF that I ride in slow, fat east coast waves and I ride when the get bigger than double overhead. Yes, the 6'2" is a little much volume for me, but it makes paddling into a large wave a simple matter. anyway, were I 44 again I would probably go with the 5'8" HF, the board really is amazing as a go to board and shorter than you might think will work out just fine. The 5'10" handled 8 to 10 (faces) Juice in Puerto Rico in January beautifully. See if your shop will let you test ride a couple before you plop down $700


                    • Peterleo
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                      I found all the sizes in the hf went bloody amazing

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                    Hi what do you think for a 5'11" 100kgs (220lbs) wetsuit included bloke surfing not that good waves in France, meant to ride from 3" to no balls, 6'6? 6'8 ? 6'4?
                    surfing for about 30 years quite irregularily, i'm considering myself (but is it really obvious???) as intermediate/advance but lacking fit these times...
                    maybe 6'8 should be thebest?


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                      Go the 606 if you're relatively good, 608 if youre a once a week surfer.