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  • hellfire for everything?

    Hi. I`m 6 foot and 82 kg. Imermediate surfer.

    I`ve got an alternator 6,0 (28,7 liters) and a CI Biscuit 5,8 20 1\4 2 3\4. (about 35 litres)
    I love my biscuit but the alternator I find need a good wave to come alive....( perhaps I should`ve gotten a bigger one...)

    I need a board that`s in between those two. I surf mainly beachbreaks with less that perfect conditions...Often it will be overhead with a steep drop and some flat sections furher in, and a little choppy. Also some duckdiving involded...I find the biscuit a little hard to dive when its big.
    Generally I have no problem catching waves the flat sections is the problems.....

    I`m thinking hellfire, but I don`t know. the 5,10 may be too simular to the alternator, and the 6,0 to big....(maybe hard to dive?)
    What do you guys think? Hellfire or something different....??

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    At your weight, the 6 0 Hellfire should be good. The 5 10 is on the lower side of your recommended volume, but again its always personal preference! The Hellfire is a different animal from the Alternator. It is thicker and wider than a regular shortboard.


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      The 6,0 hellfire is not to much board? Hard to dive?...I`m worried about the 2 1\2 thickness....

      Any ather boards I should consider?


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        Fredrick, IMO If you have longer legs and bigger feet stick to the 6-0, if you have normal or shorter than normal legs you can go 5-10, just keep your arms in shape for a little more paddle power. The board rips on glassy hollower performance waves. Use non flex Futures only, dont get it in FST or you will be breaking skegs because this board is loose and goes on rail quick but will hold any line you put it on. Tech flex Futures is too loose so stick to stiffer fins all the way to the tip,
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          6`0"lost subscorcher??


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            Iggy see you got the flexfire 6,2, is the hellfire 6,0 alot of board in comparison? Any problems diving it?
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              I dont think the 6 0 Hellfire will be hard to duck dive at your weight, but if you feel more comfortable with less volume, go with the 5 10. Look at the volume calculator and put your numbers in. You will see that the 5 10 is on the very low end of your weight. Its always a personal thing, but for me I want my volume in the mid to high range for my weight. I prefer the extra paddling power to struggling to catch waves!


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                True, I think I`ll go for 6,0.
                Thanks for the replys.

                Something else: Whats your favorite firewire board and why?
                Whats the most underrated (unappreciated) firewire board, and why?


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                  hellfire for almost everything..more than any other..except the flexy mentioned below for 85-90 kg...

                  faves...6'2 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2 flexfire and 5'10 hellfire...why?..unless you need a gun then these will win heats (or just shred for fun) in pretty much anything....

                  underrated...futura...steps down off your full HPerf flexy/taj allowing you to contunue surfing full tilt...rides most of the upper limit of the other boards range too..!!


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                    Frederick, Hi. I got a simular 2 board quiver to you in that the Dom is a simular style board to your CI. I used to have an 600 Alternator but found after riding the Dom it wasn't as user friendly as i wanted. I found it to be a great board but i just wanted something that performed better in a wider range of conditions and something that paddled better but still had the performance of a shortboard. I swapped the 600 Alt for 510 HF. I ride simular conditions 2ft mush to a little overhead beachies and reefs and the Dom and HF cover me nicely. The HF basically ticks all the boxes in the paddling department and manouverability and the volume is spot on. It feels a lot more user friendly to me and has been so far the better performing board too. Its always gonna be a personal thing depending on person, style, waves and level but i can say from my experience that the 510 is bang on and i'm 80kgs. As hanaleisurfer said check the volume calculator it seems to be pretty acurate... Hope this helps.

                    As for Fav board the Dominator is just AWESOME but that may change with more time on the HF!!!


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                      Hey Fred, well I do have a flexfire 6'2" which I don't use often simply cause I didn't find it was the right board for me. My day to day board is the Spitfire leaving the Hellfire for when it gets better.
                      The flex fire is of course easier to duck dive but the Hellfire gives me that high performance end with all the benefits of a hybrid.
                      On the other hand the Hellfire is not hard to duck dive at all. It's a very good board and I think you will be VERY happy with it


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                        Mrees.....hmmm. That`s very interesting, I ha the same debate with myself on the biscuit, 5,08 or 5,10..... but I`m glad I went for the smallest. such a fun board...but more volume than the dom I think...

                        The hellfire being a more hp board it sucks having to much volume. I think I`ll go for the 5,10.

                        As for the alternator it floats ok, but it felt really small when surfing. I haven`t had the chance to try it in really good surf yet though....

                        A couple of years ago I would never consider this floaty boards. Just surfed hp shortboards, tried some fishes but they seemed so corky. It wasn`t until the biscuit I found those type of boards fun. Now it`s all changed, and I don`t have a clue what to buy..
                        Only thing I know I`ll give firewire a chance, sick of my boards lasting 1 year..

                        Thanks everyone for the imput, and keep it coming..
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                          Hellfire/Hellrazor are great ones. To me they are redefining the the "go to" board and blurring the line between shortboard and hybrid. I think both are great and give you tremendous versatility. Go Hellfire for a slightly longer, more drawn out style. go hellrazor for a slightly more high performance and vertical style and a board with a sensitized tail.

                          both boards rip!!!


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                            When i was after a HF i was torn between the 600 and the 510 for the exactly the same reasons as you. Chris and the boys here gave great advice and pointed me towards the 510. Its spot on for me and i'm very close to you in weight. Like Chris says its the perfect inbetween a high performance board and a hybrid like the Dom. It paddles heaps better that the Alt but still rips like a shortboard. The sweet spot is very SWEET! Firewire is a very good choice and FST is very durable. So many options but i reckon the 510 sounds good for what you want. Enjoy!


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                              great stuff mrees!! thanks for the kind words.