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hellfire volume question

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  • hellfire volume question

    Hey guys.
    or whats it called in northern Germany: Moin, moin.

    I got a question depending the hellfire - why i am not shure which one to take.
    I surf a couple of weeks the year, mostly summerwaves in france, spain, portugal.
    At the moment i use a 6.2*21 3/10 * 2 1/2 Surftech rendel frensh retrofish fitting me very well - maybe a bit tooo much volume...
    i am 192 cm high (6.3-6.4), and got 88kg (about 191-195 lbs depending on the wetsuit). intermediate level, i guess...

    Now i am looking for a board to go further- somith for hollower (?) and faster waves to head high.
    i got to say, that i like those hybrids and retroboards. (mayby its because of the extra volume =))
    i guess i am just not too much interested in a "classic shortboard style" at the moment.

    Now i am thinking about a 6.2 or 6.4 hellfire and cannot decide.
    Or something more alternative like the El fuego ( 6.1 or 6.3 ? i just dont know..)

    Thanks a lot so far.