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  • New hellfire im stoked

    HI i weigh about 73kg im 510 and im an average inter mediate surfer aged 33
    and i live in the uk .Ive been riding my 511 elfuego with mr tfx all of summer last year with 32L of vol
    absolutely loved this board in most conditions but like most people i was missing the short board feel as i had sold my 62 alt .
    My first fw was the 60 spit but this had too much vol and i sold it. But the elf was bang on .As i loved the performance of the spit
    i started thinking hellfire but the 60 at 31 ish L vol close to the elf felt too heavy and so did the 510 hf , but the 58 hf felt just rite
    but too short in lenght for a steeper wave board. So i couldn't decide between the 510 and 58 . On the fw website it recomends the 510
    hf for me, so in the end i went with the 510 at 29.4L in the fst .When i got the board home i realised it weighed a lot more than the elf
    even thou it has 2.6L less, this was the reason why it didnt feel as nice under my arm .Since taking the hf out it has taken me a few sessions to get use to it ,dont be fooled by the feel of the hf as its just the extra glass on them. looking back i think the 58 hf would of been too small for me so im glad i went with the 510. All in all iam absolutely stoked with this machine took it to polzeath week end at about waist to chest cleanish weak surf where i found my groove with it ,my friend had my elf and even thou my wave count had dropped slightly from the elf , where i use to get 2or 3 top turns on the wave i was loosing count on the hf all i had was a set of standard plastic future quad fins i do have a nice set of tri wct's but with it been small i favoured the quad set .I really think that the quad set works better on the hf than the fish tail elf because the diamond tail helps loosen up the turns . The hf is suppose to be better suited to 3ft + waves but why the hell does it still fly in smaller weaker uk surf in elf and dom and potato terotory .It still generated lots of speed, surely the board that allows you to go where you want when you want on the wave is the right choice for the day, still looking forward to taking it out on a bigger day. Thank's fw team for this stoke machine may get the potatonator 56 for the summer to complement the hf cheers

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    Good to hear buddy!


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      Great post!


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        good stuff mate...yep for you lighter guys, the HF will have great "bottom end"...i ride the 510 at 90kg and still use it everyday


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          Great stuff guys. Good post jhybrid.


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            I saw J Hybrid's comment about the 5'10'' Hellfire feeling heavier than other boards with similar dimensions. Is that really because it has extra glass on it? I think I've come across the same thing and was wondering if that was widespread? Right now I have a 5'8'' Hellfire but a few weeks ago I also bought a used 5'10'' hellfire fst because the price was too good to pass up and I wanted to see how the two would compare. I still haven't gotten to take it out yet but it's quite noticeably heavier than the 5'8'' hellfire (2.5 lbs heavier) but it's even a little heavier than my 5'8'' Retro Quadfish. Just curious if this is normal with the 5'10'' hellfires in fst? The local shop didn't have one to compare it to except a 5'10'' FST Lost Subscorcher-- which seemed lighter than the 5'10'' hellfire. Any thoughts? (just tell me everything's gonna be ok , haha :) )
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