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5'6 or 5 '8 hellfire...

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  • 5'6 or 5 '8 hellfire...

    I weigh 143 lbs and I'm trying to decide whether I should go with the 5'8 or 5'6 hellfire. I surf the on the Gulf Coast of Fl which can be small at times but can also get pretty big and punchy...especially during the winter. The waves do get steep and hollow a lot as well. I think the 5'8 would be ideal but I'm having trouble getting my hands on one so I'm really considering the 5'6. Would the 5'6 still be a good board for my weight? I think I could go either I progress I may be glad that I went went with the smaller one. Any suggestions???

    Currently, I ride a 5'10 flex fire which doesn't have quite enough volume for me.

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    Well the thing with the flexfire is that the board likes better conditions. The way the volume is distributed through the board differs from that of the hellfire.
    At 143lbs the 5'6'' is what I would recommend providing that you are at an intermediate level or so.
    I'm 180lbs and ride a 6'0'' and that board is tons of fun, specially when conditions get shoulder high and up


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      There are guys in the 165lbs range riding the 5'8" and I'm 170lbs and surfing the 5'8" Sub Scorcher which has the same volume but it's down to your own preference as well. The 5'6" will have plenty of volume, but how tall are you? That can have as big a factor on length as your weight. Assuming you're under 5'10" based on the Flexfire, I think the 5'6" would be a good pick.


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        Gotta say the Hellrazor here!!!!

        great performance shape, would be perfect for where you live!!!


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