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  • 5'6" or 5'8"

    Was given a 5'10 hellfire was a super fun board but way to big im 5'9" 70-73 kg 155-160lbs I want it as my 80% board we get mush beachies to 6foot plus point breaks. Board volume chart saying 24 to 27 ltr. I gota super small wave quad 5'6" 25ltr which is fun but floatie as. So 5'6" could be sweet but undersure if to skatie when riding overhead plus. Havent brought a shop pop out ever so the decission is hard no shaper to run ideas off. thinkn the 5'8" il give a better line in bigger waves. Also at the mo nz doesnt have any 5'8" next shipment due jul.

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    If you want the extra length without gaining volume why not check out the Hellrazor? 5'9 maybe?


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      Hi smitch
      I'm a little bigger than you (74-76KG) and I'm on a 5'8" and I think it is spot on for me for quality surf, not much of a groveller at that size though.
      I primarily use it as my 'shortboard' and is best for punchy beachies big and small.
      Had it out last week on a solid point break, maybe 4 foot+ and was fine until it get a bit of chop on the face. That's where maybe the longer HellRazor may be better but I tried demo of the HellRazor and I think it was a bit more geared to bigger, quality surf, which we don't get enough of where I surf and couldn't justify having a board I'd only ride 10-20% of the time.
      For an 80% board, I think you are right looking at the HellFire, 5'8" would be my pick for you and will probably grovel better for you than me.


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        Cheers prjwebb but am getting a vanguard so will go for a hellfire instead of a hellrazor. Cheers CO11IN5 think you help mke up my mind will have to weight for the next shipment


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          I'd say the VG will like those medium sized, pockety conditions that the Hellfire would excel in too and the HellRazor would be a nice step up for when it's solid and steeper and you want a more conventional outline curve and a bit of length in the board.
          That's my take anyway.


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            yeah prj. thanks for the feedback folks.