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Beginner - Intermediate New All Round Board?

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  • Beginner - Intermediate New All Round Board?

    Hey Guys,
    I Live in Australia and I surf around 2 - 7 ft waves. I'm really looking for a board that would be a good all around surf board for when I can only take that 1 board away on holidays to Indo or Malaysia or just for a surf with mates at a local beach.
    Im 5 foot 10 inches and weight approx 65kg or 140lbs
    I'm trying to find a shortboard that will suit for nearly all occasions of surf, it would be a great help if someone more experienced could help me out since I haven't been surfing for a great deal of time.

    Cheers :)

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    Hi mate I would look at the Minidriver as your one board quiver. I had a hellfire as my only board for a while and loved it. But since getting on a Md it's a whole different world. The board catches waves easer is very fast as a quad setup. I found that is goes well in small surf too as long as there is punch to the wave. Some of the other Md owners here will properly agree.


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      Cheers pmorgan
      I will probably demo the minidriver to see how it handles, thanks for the advice :)