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  • Spitfire + ......?

    Bought my first Firewire last year, and after some helpful pointers from this forum, ended up with a 5'8" FST Spitfire. Really love the board and am sold on the technology (after initially swearing i'd never touch another epoxy after owning a Resin8); however, initial concerns over riding such a short board have now lead to another problem... in fact the total opposite problem: my regular 6'2" PU thruster feels clown shoes ridiculously long unless the waves are totally firing (which they have done a few times lately :b). Although the Spitfire goes great on the average day here, especially with summer hopefully just around the corner (please let there be a summer this year!), I find when the waves do get a bit better/steeper/suckier that I have to nurse it through drops a bit and the wide tail doesn't feel great. I've got a second hand 6' shaped by one of the local guys which i've been using as a stop gap, but the thing is on it's last legs and not really doing my surfing any favours.

    Soooooo purchase number 2 is on the cards, but again, the multitude of options and choices is hurting my tiny brain! I basically want something short/hybridy (6'0" max) for the slightly better than average days and which I can use up to a decent size, but won't be a total disaster area should the swell fail to deliver as expected and I find myself at some far flung corner/too lazy to go get a different board. Initial thoughts were to stick with the Spitfire DNA and go for a 5'10" Hellfire for it's slightly more refined but still hybrid features; however, i've read that some people struggle with them in less than good (read: UK most of the time) conditions? I still like the look of this board, but inevitably other models are fluttering their eyelashes at me, too: Chubby, Mini Driver (or Unibrow), Hell Razor.... maybe even a 6'0" MB thick???

    Anyway, i'm a weak minded, indecisive fool, so someone tell me what to buy (please)! :b


    My vitals: Early (well maybe technically mid) 30s, 6ft tall, 75-80kg living in N.Cornwall, UK and getting wet whenever it's 'worth it'.

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    Shoots... I'll b 1st to respond. I have different boards for all types of waves and my FW's r lots of fun. The Q5 is a lot of fun when the waves get 6'+, but works fine above 4'. My SF is collecting dust because my ADD is just the "Wave Hog" of all time and I like catching a lot of waves. I'll use that knee high+ or overhead. The VG is my daily driver. It's fast w lots of control and although it probably shudnt b used past 4', what r u going to do when ur already out. So in the end, if u want to surf bigger, punchier surf, then maybe a HR or Q5 might b good. If u r mortal like most of us a VG will not let u down. If u want to enjoy surfing all day and surf knee high to 6' Hayn scale, u can always get the ADD. I will say that since I got the VG, its my primary ride.


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      I would look towards the MB for those sucky punchy hollower waves, for the rest you havev the spitfire.


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        Mini Driver is super versatile. Definitely a board I'm confident bringing to the Cornish beaches when I'm not sure what to expect and know it will deliver in anything chest high to way overhead, slopey or barrelling.


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          Thanks for the replies, guys.

          fokaiHI - both those boards are so far off different ends of the scale I never even considered them. I suppose it's a always good to mix things up, though! Would definitely wanna demo a VG before taking the plunge as it looks soooo radically different to how my mind thinks a surfboards should look!

          iggy - yeah, part of me wants to ride a traditional style thruster again, but being slightly shorter, this one appeals. Guess I need to find somewhere to feel one up as not seen this model in the flesh.

          PRJ - Think you pointed me at the 5'8" Spitfire and were a similar weight and height? How often do you use your MD? Happy with the 5'10" sizing having had a 5'8" SF + how's the nose rocker in comparison? Think I read you got a VG as well - how you finding it in English waves?


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            I was using the MD in anything that wasn't Potato territory but have been on the Vanguard for the last few weeks trying to dial it in.
            The MD has a nice bit of entry rocker but is flat enough that it paddled well, tail rocker is pretty low.
            510 sizing is perfect for me, but I'm around 76kg currently.

            Vanguard is lots of fun but still working on getting confident for turns. Bit of different technique needed. Mini Driver is a solid choice.
            I could be tempted to part with mine if you're interested in a 510.


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              Cheers for the offer PRJ..... went and checked a few boards out on the weekend and came mighty close to ignoring all the advice/my plan and going in a totally different direction with a 5'10' sub scorcher...... went home and ordered a 5'10" chubby chedda instead :b

              Arrived today and looks super sexy! Should get plenty of chances to get wet over the next week.


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                I agree with your original inclination. The Hellfire is tge obvious next step up from a Spit, has the same DNA, and people rave about it. It's said to have a very broad range. If I had a Spit and I didn't want a more HPSB such as a Hellrazor (the next, next step up) then that's what I'd choose.

                That's not to say the MD etc aren't fantastic boards and won't work. They're fantastic boards and will work. But the advantage of riding boards from the same gene pool is there will be minimum style/technique adjustment from board to board.


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                  Just saw you went a CC. Good luck, I hope you enjoy it. They're a beautiful looking board.