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    share your hellfire's mine....

    This board is alive....

    i'm the last guy you’d expect to ride this board...i'm a very stubborn 6'2-ish hi-performance rider..have been since simon whacked three fins in...i DO NOT ride fish or hybrids..!! if a wave allows a turn, I want it to be a “heat winner”, not a compromised arc..

    so what made me jump on a 5'10 hellfire??.. well because Nev never stops ranting about it..!!.....”nev, I need another 6'2..nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”....”nev, I need flatter one for full waves..nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”....”nev, I need a rhino for the bay...nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”.....what has kept me on it is the fact that it is an amazing ride with a wide range..(maybe not the bay though..!)

    my findings here are from the perspective of someone at the upper limits of the 5'10 hellfire's volume etc...anyone 10kg lighter than me would still enjoy the similar hold and drive but have EVEN MORE grovel ability...this could easily be a one board can almost always replace your full performance stick..or at the very least supplement it. It's not really a stepdown..essentially, it knocks inches off your shortboard act, thus freeing you up on the face and allowing so many more fact at first you will do a dozen half completed moves because your mind cant deal with so many cant choose!!

    comparison to the 6'2 flexfire (fuller 18 ¾ x 2 1/2) version)

    -the hellfire paddles as well and has maybe a bit more glide onto the wave....
    -it handles sucky drops just fine....
    -it bites and drives off the bottom just as well...can project way down the line in big stuff....
    -it can deal confidently with waves of consequence....
    -it can not just make, but attack good reef/ledge waves..just like a full hi-perf board....
    -off the top is quicker...lightening fast and tight, retaining ample speed out of the turn...
    -it carries over the flats with ease as you would expect...
    -it deals with foam and floaters with ease and a positive feel....

    for me to say this stuff is surprising, again, I hate short flat wide boards, BUT, Nevs magic wand has done it again, the deepish double concaves, stepped rear rail and other elements only he can understand allow the boards dimensions to “disappear” underfoot. Its the closest I'll get to “barefoot” surfing.!

    I surf waves on a daily basis that are challenging and I haven’t had to reach for a conventional board since I got this months ago. In-fact I took a 6'4 out the other day and was restricted..!!

    i'm not a fourfin kind of guy but used them on my forehand at a hungry rocky racetrack point..normally here you check turn down the line as you cant wash speed off with a wrap around cutty, but, with the four in I hit warp speed and pulled 2 roundhouses and came out of them projecting down the line for the next...normally this would mean drydocking without fail...even my 6'6 pin couldn’t cover this ground as easily out there, and certainly wouldn't be as manoeuvrable...

    -testing done with futures simon anderson 3 and 4 fin setups
    -my 40kg grommet (after I push him on), bangs backhand reos down the line with ea's and deviant.
    -Ride this board with a bit more fin than your regular board....

    i'll stop rambling now


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    Great post
    A few updates after a few magic sessions would be good as well
    I also have the 5'10 and I weigh in at 82kg
    The waves my hellfire doesn't like are the gutless ones. I tend to struggle
    It's home is in the juice
    Speed speed and more speed
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      stoked guys!!

      THanks so much core! appreciate you taking the time!!


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        Hey Dave pretty detailed and instructional review


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          surf board hell fire 6-4.jpg
          I just bought the 6-4 Hellfire FST with Futures, thanks to Pacific Vibrations in Kona and the Firewire crew at their supply warehouse it was here in less than a week.. Double Barrel Concave of 1/4" most of the board. I cant wait for this flu bug (pounding vitamin C and Zinc) to leave my congested head so I can get out in the water and drive it. (Wind is too high right now with local trades and nonstop sheeting rain so its crap brown river water anyways)
          Just saw the 6-4 Subscorcher, the 6-4 Stealth compared to the 6-4 Hell Fire. Not looking back at the those others anymore.
          My 11 year old broken Rawson 6-7 Hyperskate II .surf board rawson broken.jpg
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            I bought a Dom from Pacific Vibrations earlier this year. Great all around board, but I really wish I had the Hellfire on the better days (and a Sweet Potato on the average Kona day).


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              oh man Fritz!! thrashed!

              Stoked on the support though! enjoy the board!


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                Totally stoked on my 6 6 Hellfire. The board feels real good on power carves and roundhouse cutbacks. I do sometimes think I should have gone with a 6 4, but so far the extra volume doesnt seem to be too much of a factor.


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                  Originally posted by hanaleisurfer View Post
                  Totally stoked on my 6 6 Hellfire. The board feels real good on power carves and roundhouse cutbacks. I do sometimes think I should have gone with a 6 4, but so far the extra volume doesnt seem to be too much of a factor.
                  Hanalei: what size/type/setup fins are you riding on the Hellfire size waves and your weight and height?


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                    Fritzkat, I have been riding the new pancho signature future fins. (Thruster set up) I am 5 10 and around 215 lately, but I should be around 208. I wanted the extra volume for the long paddles and the fact that I am not the fastest paddler. There are times where I think the 6 4 would have been perfect for a little quicker turns.

                    6-4 Dominator RF
                    6-6 Hellfire FST


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                      Hellfire Review 2 weeks in...

                      "Quiver killer" - a phrase I was given for the Hellfire. I'd have to agree.

                      Have surfed 6'2" HP shortboards since God knows when. Last board was a magic which I've had for a few years, finally wanted to try something new. After much deliberation and research, reading reviews etc, I was seduced by the Firewire hype and ordered a 5'8" Hellfire. Demo'd the 5'10" while waiting for the order to arrive. Went ok, was small crap surf, was hard to tell if I'd made the right decision. Was definitely too much volume for my 72kg's.

                      Got the 5'8" and lucky enough to have some good surf over the last 2 weeks. Volume felt perfect straight away. First 2 waves felt really good, surf was pumping. Then my middle fin dropped out and was lost. Discovered the pin on the rear Future fin box screwed in too low on a wrong angle and wasn't locking in to the slot so fin slid out with a bit of pressure. Had to go buy some more fins. Nevermind, more of a Futures manufacturing issue than Firewire's, had to file down the new rear fin's slot so the pin would lock in to the fin somewhat. Luckily the surf was still pumping when I got back.

                      The board did so many things so well. Was struggling to get the same speed and drive as my magic HP shortboard though until I gave up trying to surf the Hellfire the same way. Mind you have only used it as a thruster with one set of fins so far. But once I started to surf and push off my back foot the board came alive. Thanks to Chito and others for the advice there. You've really got to surf it off the back foot. Was so used to putting the front foot down for the gas but once adjusting I gotta say OMG...

                      My summary having surfed exclusively as a thruster for 2 weeks using one set of Shapers fins (Stealth S5's which is probably equivalent to PC5's, an all round medium fin) in waist to nearly double overhead:

                      - The Hellfire paddles better than my HP shortboard
                      - it gets in to waves earlier, can't believe how much easier
                      - handles late drops better even when solid bumpy overhead and a half to double with a mean rip running in to it. A little skatey on the bottom turn but easily manageable, perhaps bigger fins might help.
                      - turns better, so responsive, getting more turns in on a wave, surfs like a HP shortboard but better
                      - equivalent speed once I got dialed in to it
                      - all round easier and more forgiving to surf
                      - No problems in waist high surf, as long as there's a little push to it.

                      Can't wait to experiment with quad fins and other thruster setup. Don't think I'll be riding anything else for a while.

                      Nev, you're a genius, to get all this into such a short board, it really does replace the traditional shortboard and make you feel like you can do anything. Magic engineering.

                      Go get won't be disappointed. Except I don't want my mates to 'cause it feels like I'm getting an edge over them at the 'mo.


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                        good stuff nige....keep up the "back foot boogie" mate...thats the way to ride it...!!!...tweaked the 510 through really really weak 1-2 foot today...still wound it up for a big cutty...yeeeeewww...and my youngest drove a man sized bottom turn in a super rippy bowl after a push in.....yeeeeeewwwww again..!!


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                          ALoha Fritzkat, I am 5 10 and currently hovering around 215 (a victim of beer and good food) Been using the newer Futures Pancho signature fins. Riding the Hellfire as a Thruster. Used to ride my 6 4 Dom as a quad, but prefer the more solid feel of a thruster. Dont feel like I am sacrificing any speed with the thruster set up. I am kind of in that weight where I could have gone with the 6 6 or the 6 4, but choose the longer board to get more paddling power. So far,it seems like a good decision, but wondering if I should downsize a couple inches.That being said, I love the 6 6 Hellfire!!


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                            Just got a 6'2" Hellfire for Christmas and am stoked! Was going back and forth between the Spitfire and the Hellfire so I checked Craigslist on the 17th and made the call based on what was available. I have a Futura and a Dominator that I surfed all summer long. The Dominator (6'2") is the best board I have ever surfed and absolutely love it. The Futura (6'2") has fallen out of favor based on the fact that I just love the Dominator so much. I surf it as a quad primarily and it is fast and turns on a dime.

                            Have not surfed the Hellfire as we have not had any waves yet, but I will get to take it out next week as we got some waves coming.



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                              Any body with any videos of the Hellfire going off? I am stuck here waiting for my Flu/cold to blow over to surf mine, just drooling over the reviews....