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  • I got my HF about 6 months ago and havent ridden it that much...first couple of rides were ok but I just wasnt feeling it like some of my other boards foot shark tower...and that board went from a potential ebay item to a keeper...its one of those boards that have just the right balance between hold and release...Damn I wish I had that board when I went to the Mentawais earlier this year ..but hey I am going to Bali at the end of guess who is coming.


    • He guys

      Hurricane Leslie has graced us with week long stomach to head high punchy surf so it's been a great time to really ride my 6'4 HF. I've had an absolute blast. I've mentioned before that the board has worked well for me since i bought it about a year ago but I just didn't get alot of days on it last fall, winter, spring and summer. Although I had some great rides during that period I just struggled to feel 100% comfortable compared to how I feel on my 6'2 dom, my fishes and my SP. Over the summer I committed myself to riding the HF is anything solid waist + which meant putting my dominator away for awhile. I think the time spent on the HF has really worked well. Great sessions on the HF this week which included making some turns I've never made before or at least that well. Although it wasn't overhead It still made some steep drops in some less than perfect waves and the speed really helped me make some sections I would not have made in the past. One memorable ride had me making a a drop, bottom turning hard driving down the line, getting past a close out section and making it into a nice pit. It was the type of ride that was difficult to have in the past on my fishes and too small and thin short boards I had. I borrowed a friend's LOST ROCK UP day just to see the difference and I noticed the HF paddled into the wave much better and seemed more responsive as well. The waves were chest to shoulder and were backing off a bit due to the backwash from incoming high tide but the HF seemed to out perform the rock up. I'd like to see how the two boards compare in overhead waves but I'm confident the HF will perform. I know the ROCK UP is supposed to be an ideal hybrid type board for head to double overhead but I the more I ride the HF and get comfortable on it I think It will handle to plus size stuff really well. I find myself making every drop on every ridable wave. It's a nice feeling to know I'm on a board that can seemingly do it all. Had it out yesterday and it handled the shoulder high stuff and the smaller waist to chest high peaks. I might be selling that dominator I think. Great board that is getting better. Anyone who is struggling to adjust just be patient and surf it as much as possible.


      • Bumper,

        I did the same thing this summer with my HF. It was the best thing I ever did now I am wondering when I will be riding my Dominator as it does not fit as well as it used to in the quiver.



        • Originally posted by core personal training View Post
          share your hellfire's mine.... This board is alive.... i'm the last guy you’d expect to ride this board...i'm a very stubborn 6'2-ish hi-performance rider..have been since simon whacked three fins in...i DO NOT ride fish or hybrids..!! if a wave allows a turn, I want it to be a “heat winner”, not a compromised arc.. so what made me jump on a 5'10 hellfire??.. well because Nev never stops ranting about it..!!.....”nev, I need another 6'2..nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”....”nev, I need flatter one for full waves..nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”....”nev, I need a rhino for the bay...nah, ya gotta ride the hellfire.!”.....what has kept me on it is the fact that it is an amazing ride with a wide range..(maybe not the bay though..!) my findings here are from the perspective of someone at the upper limits of the 5'10 hellfire's volume etc...anyone 10kg lighter than me would still enjoy the similar hold and drive but have EVEN MORE grovel ability...this could easily be a one board can almost always replace your full performance stick..or at the very least supplement it. It's not really a stepdown..essentially, it knocks inches off your shortboard act, thus freeing you up on the face and allowing so many more fact at first you will do a dozen half completed moves because your mind cant deal with so many cant choose!! comparison to the 6'2 flexfire (fuller 18 x 2 1/2) version) -the hellfire paddles as well and has maybe a bit more glide onto the wave.... -it handles sucky drops just fine.... -it bites and drives off the bottom just as well...can project way down the line in big stuff.... -it can deal confidently with waves of consequence.... -it can not just make, but attack good reef/ledge waves..just like a full hi-perf board.... -off the top is quicker...lightening fast and tight, retaining ample speed out of the turn... -it carries over the flats with ease as you would expect... -it deals with foam and floaters with ease and a positive feel.... for me to say this stuff is surprising, again, I hate short flat wide boards, BUT, Nevs magic wand has done it again, the deepish double concaves, stepped rear rail and other elements only he can understand allow the boards dimensions to “disappear” underfoot. Its the closest I'll get to “barefoot” surfing.! I surf waves on a daily basis that are challenging and I haven’t had to reach for a conventional board since I got this months ago. In-fact I took a 6'4 out the other day and was restricted..!! i'm not a fourfin kind of guy but used them on my forehand at a hungry rocky racetrack point..normally here you check turn down the line as you cant wash speed off with a wrap around cutty, but, with the four in I hit warp speed and pulled 2 roundhouses and came out of them projecting down the line for the next...normally this would mean drydocking without fail...even my 6'6 pin couldn’t cover this ground as easily out there, and certainly wouldn't be as manoeuvrable... -testing done with futures simon anderson 3 and 4 fin setups -my 40kg grommet (after I push him on), bangs backhand reos down the line with ea's and deviant. -Ride this board with a bit more fin than your regular board.... i'll stop rambling now dave
          My experiences exactly that, I found it amazing. Tried it as a thrruster, horrible, took out middle fin, it went betterthan the quad setup, carving on solid walls at dbah, just pump off back foot and enjoy best ride ever.


          • Goes even more ballistic as a twinny , amazing back foot rocket ride.


            • Twinny


              • Originally posted by indodreaming View Post
                Only had two surfs on hellfire 5,10 first surf yesterday waves were pretty crap and fin configuration felt all wrong.(hence the other topic i started)

                However today I took it out in better waves same fins set up as a quad, waves were still pretty average waist high light sea breeze, but much less bump than yesterday, think slow peeling crumbling rip bank rights.

                Today the board felt awesome, paddles great, catches waves just like my 6'3 and felt real loose in a slashy, carvy way, early days but feels like a really nice alive board, as others have said no problems getting speed when i needed it, just pump a little and it turns on the gas, waves often had fat sections between hollow sections throw the shorey and it planned throw them no problems also, tried spinning a few 360's in the end sections and spins easy, haven't had any proper whackable sections yet so that will be the real test as im not normally a fan of wide boards as i dont find them to be good for hitting the lip.

                BTW. im about 5,8 weigh 75Kg and the board is perfect, i normally like my boards as short and least volume i can go and was a little worrried there might be a tad bit to much foam but i really dont think i could have gone shorter (not that i had the choice anyway)

                male 37 yo, surfing 25 years, 75 kg about 5,8 tall, high end of average abilty.
                surf a flex fire 6,3 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 and a hell fire 5,10 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8
                Few years on and a few FW boards latter and im still loving this board, the HELLFIRE is a magic board and FST is an amazing construction, the things gone a bit yellow on the deck but the bottom is almost mint, one pressure ding, odd crack on rail and tail mostly from airlines and a a bit of a dimply deck from my duck diving knee, but has still held up amazing ive had PU boards look worse after a few weeks.

                Fin wise, tried the whole fin tree, but as a quad i swear by vector 2 and as a thruster AM2 (futures)