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    Well, after experimenting with numerous mid-length surfboards over the past 3 years, I'm taking my 7'0" Hellfire out of retirement. I bought and sold a 7'0" Submoon. It was great in really good surf but behaved more like a short board and didn't have enough volume for my liking. I surfed a 7S 7'3" Superfish III...outstanding surfboard with poor build qualities. Probably one of the best riding boards I've had but within a short period of time the deck was full of pressure dings!! I bought a 6'8" Greedy Beaver that I'm still surfing. It's a fun board that I've surfed a bunch of wind chop in but I've yet to get it into a clean overhead swell. Lastly, I bought a 7'4" Modern Blackfish...mostly because it resembled the 7S Superfish shape and it was cheap ($400 all in). The board was a blast but I buckled it this past Monday in some pretty good low tide shore break!!!! So...I just installed some Futures glass light fins in my Hellfire with a brand new leash and gonna give it a go again. It's surprising how much the board has "yellowed" in just 4 years even though it's kept inside my garage...I'll keep you posted on my results!