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  • Hellfire as a quad

    I have had my Hellfire for close to a year and rode it exclusively as a thruster. Never had the desire to try a quad set up. But today on the first early swell of the season at the bay, i decided to try it. The bay was the one wave where the Hellfire seemed to not click on. Being a fast down the line walling type of wave, I figured I give the quad a try. The board felt super fast and lose and didnt get hung up on turns like the thruster did out here. Thrusters want to pivot, and the wally waves of the bay dont allow much pivot turns. So stoked I finally "broke out of the box" Used pancho side fins and stretch back quad fins. Anybody have other suggestions for quads on a Hellfire? Been thinking about the Simon 4 fin since I really like the Simon thruster setup on my Hellfire (Futures)

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    Mate , get the Rasta quad fins...thats what I use and I have other future set ups I could use but one I got the Rastas in it just felt spot on...


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      Will the Rasta fins work for my weight? Im 210 pounds. (Depending on how many beers i consumed!!) LOL


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        Definitely , they have pretty big rear fins..if you are worried then go the Simon Anderson Quads..they are bigger and a similar profile. I like the Rastas and I am 185-190..but dont drink that much...but geez I love bacon and eggs .. lol


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          Hopefully i can try a Rasta set from a Fin tree. If not, the Simons are probably the set for me. Really love the Simon thruster set up for my firewire boards