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Hellfire 6'2 or 6'4?

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    the Hellfire is 1 heel of a sweet board, had the 6,6 , amazing as a quad, tested the 6,4, with Dave Rastovich quads, amazing take offs at Snapper. This board knows what mad moves i want to do and does them better than even i could imagine, Never had a bad wave on it. It actually makes you a better surfer, even on your very first wave. I pump off the back foot 3 times after take off , then move front foot about 2 inches further up to the nose and shes turbo charged, amazing in the pocket manuveres. GOing for a 6,2 now. My dominator catches more waves but this one is soooo good on the face of the wave. It worked on the first wave and then just got more demented. Feel better than a pro on it. Cheers. I have never surfed it as a thruster, so can not tell you any info about it. Im 90 kgs, 14 stone and the Dave Rastovich medium quads worked magic on it.


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      What about a step up board for when it's overhead and the winter juice has arrived? I'm 52, 170 and surf 3-4 days a week. I'll be wearing a 4/3 and want to be able to paddle into wave that's head high to double overhead. Would a hellfire that is 6'6 or 6'8 do the trick? I'm guessing the step down feature would help to keep me from skipping down the face of the wave? The Mini Driver tops out at 6'4 and I don't feel it will handle all the extra water when trying to paddle out thru large sets....


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        I think you'd struggle to set a rail on something that thick and high volume. Duck diving it paddling out would be a task too.
        The 6'4 MD would be a better pick in my opinion, but for a step up I'd still personally want my normal shortboard rails with a little extra volume from the length a centre thickness of the board.