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FCS fin recommendations for lighter rider

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  • FCS fin recommendations for lighter rider

    Looking for some fin recommendations for my 5'6 Hellfire. Currently using a set of K2.1 thrusters in my Spitfire but was looking at picking up a set of AM-3's for the Hellfire.
    Any thoughts? 140lbs., intermediate, surf SoCal waist to head high.

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    Have you tried the K2.1s? Those or the JW1s would be good in peaky stuff I reckon.
    I'd also recommend the Soar Powerbase DM as a solid all round set for more lined up stuff.


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      Haven't tried the K2.1's yet and just sold a set of JW-1's last weekend in anticipation of trying a new fin. Oh well.
      Not familiar with the Soar Powerbase fins, have to check them out. Any thoughts on the FCS AM-3's?


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        Personally I've never tried any of the AM templates but feedback always seems to be good.


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          The AM3s look good - that green is HOT!!!! But I suppose you want to know about performance. I've used the G-AM (AM1s in old speak) and coupled with Q1000 quad rears they are great on a very loose board. Good drive, good directional control and great release off the top. I would expect the same out of the thruster set and by extrapolation the AM3s would be similar for your weight. The Hellfire is not the loosest board around but in a thruster set up I think these AM3s might be pretty good. Always hard to say but I like the template, longer turns but the ability is there to snap it out of the longer arc with the release that the fins offer, at least that is what I've found.