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  • # versus Michel bourez

    My beloved # 6'2 versus my "I couldn't resist the deal on eBay" 6'4 MB thick version. So far (2015) liked the # better, with many good sessions on it and only one really good session on my MB. Took both boards with me and went back to compare them in the last 4 days in 2-3+ m (4-5 ft OZ scale?) punchy and less than perfect beach break conditions. Shallow sand banks (down to 90 cm), medium to strong rips, loads of close outs, mostly 10 sec intervals and dominantly onshore. Started Monday with the # in 2,5-3,5m fatter morning waves, shifty lineup, only me and 1 guy out. It went ok, paddled ok, but there was a bit of "I think we need a bigger boat"-feeling out there, the waves weren't super clean but mighty and paddling in the line up even 1/4' of with wouldn't have hurt. Then again, once the sets hit, often 20-30m further out or more making for hectic padding and 3-5 deep duck dives one doesn't want one too much volume either. The waves were super fast and the # felt too fast at times, maybe a tad skatey as it was a bit of work to bury a rail at that speed. Next 2 sessions in hollower low tide nightmare close out waves were ok, didn't do much, some adrenaline drops , but board felt balanced and safe, particularly backside. After 2 days i switched to the MB (mainly cause my son - beginner surfer but lightweight - wanted the #). In the hollow beach break stuff I found the MB was so far better than the # - a big surprise. First of all, with the thinner nose (I struggled in 2 sessions in bigger fatter waves) I made it out WAY easier than on the #. Duckdiving takes just much less effort. Secondly, the MB with its completely balanced foam distribution paddles better in the rips, as it is flatter in the water. Third, the thinner outline helps as well. Catching waves was only very slightly more difficult in the hollow punchy sets than in my #. The board held well and I did some nice forehand and back hand snaps / off-the-tops like on my #. The straighter outline is appearently fully balanced by the higher tail rocker. So over all the MB was the better weapon in the hollow rippy stuff. I used the # one time in between sessions and I could feel how I ran out of power with 10-15 duckdives in 2 minutes on the #. I had a set of future tab Sea c7 fins in the MB, they are flat foiled with low cant and felt great (better than the inner foil shapers smf large that seemed kinda nervous). Today I went out in 2-4ft clean but weaker morning stuff and while the MB was great again I felt that once tide grew softening the waves the # would probably have gone better as the MB lacked a bit of drive/ glide. So it really is a compromise. Resume: the MB has gotten "back in" the quiver for hollow days and I'll test it more next week when it picks up again. The #, then, is probably more of a step up in big/fat waves than a HP shape with its wide point. I had the FireWire fcs2 sets in, ok, but I'll try the performers again next time as they seemed to give me more hold in bigger waves (I would have though otherwise, but hey). Sci-fi still hasn't arrived, so no comparison yet.

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    As there is no really suitable category: just took the wax off after 2 years of surfing (there was a thick nice but now brown coating on the board, it was time ....).
    Result: nothing to see. There were some minor little dents (smaller than a 50pence coin), don't think there are more now. No soft spots, no larger dents, dings, no cracks. Board was yellowed a bit when I got it (pre-owner had exposed it in Costa Rica), but no further changes. FST = great. It's a board from 2013/early 2014, btw.


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      I've seen some used hashtags popping up here in socal, and have been tempted to try one as it seems similar to an Omni with a pointy nose. The FST looks like it holds up great.


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        The # is a fun thing, it just is rather low rockered on its tail and needs a medium size wave to not speed away. Magic in hip to just oh waves, difficult beyond 1,5x oh. Did some of my best ever forehand turns on it, so I'll keep it forever. Good in chop. Medium paddler, with the tail dragging a bit. Never bogs. And: FST rocks !!!! Mine is 6'2, a 6'4 might as well have been good for 87+ kg.