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  • Size Recommendation for Grom

    Got a 10 yr old grom - His not yet 30kg

    He's still got a lot to learn - but his one of the better 10yr olds going around, riding since he was six.

    Been through a series of boards bigger to smaller - his currently riding a JS 5'0 mini tractor.

    Its getting a bit beat up. Time for a new board.

    I was thinking of going to the smallest Gromflex 4'10? Too small? not small enough?

    I know his off the scale for the volume calculator - even at 35kg it's recommends a volume of 7litres! Ha

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    Ha that can't be right!? 77kg on 28l so half that, around 14l. Is there a gromflex in the 14-15l range?


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      Hey Newy how is he surfing? I am tempted to say go for a small dominator. I have seen little grommets get on a wider nose hybrid and just blow up. The improvement in surfing ability over what you get from narrow nose boards is INSANE. just more waves caught, more speed, more opportunity to get into "cool" maneuvers...


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        I would check out the new Sebastian Williams model it looks good for a small guy. I think it only comes in 5' with 2 tail options


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          Yeah I saw that on the site earlier. Looks pretty mad.


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            yeah and with kids don't be afraid to go bigger too. they need a little more volume and word on the street is "they just grow up so fast"


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              My daughter is
              5'0 and rides the 502 GFlex and loves it, she surfs anything from 2' Huntington to 3-4' rocky point. If its bigger she uses the 504 GFlex.



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                Hi I am also looking at investing in gromflex boards for my two 11 yr olds both weighing around the 35kg mark and now need better boards and we were dead set on buying 2 until we started reviewing and a lot of people complaining about the durability of the board ie snapping and creasing very Easley is this something I should be reading a lot into does anyone have any feedback for us as its a lot of money but FireWire comes highly recommend.
                Cheers confused parents.