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Yet Another GB Sizing Question

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  • Yet Another GB Sizing Question

    Hi All,

    In the market for a new board. Currently I ride a BP 601 at 50.1 L. Catches waves great. Very fat and floaty. Less reliable on walled up conditions and bigger waves. Rode it up in San Francisco and Santa Cruz and it performed horribly. Made a move to SoCal and its back on home turf and working great. However, my question is about the GB. I've been eying the board for a while now and I'm not sure if I should aim for the same volume which would be the 608 at 49L or 610 at 52 L. Overall I'm looking for more stability while riding upright. I felt like the BP was too short for me.

    Side note I have a bad back and balancing issues start occur about 1 hour into the session. Been surfing about 15+ years mostly 6'2"s to 6'5"s and a small relapse into longboarding. LOL.
    I had a Takayama Scorpion for years and that was great. I'm 205 LBS at 5'10. Moderately in shape and intermediate advanced surfer. I would go to like hybrid lengths at 7'0 but just feel like I'm not an old man yet.


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    I don’t think going long on the Gresy Beaver affects it too much, either board would work well, if it doubt always go either the bigger one.