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Greedy Beaver vs Chumlee

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  • Greedy Beaver vs Chumlee

    Hey guys,

    I've been seeing and reading a lot about the Chumlee, which seems to sit in a similar space as the GB, though it's a really different shape. I was looking for any insight from anyone who has ridden both and how they compare.

    I've been riding my 5'8 GB since late Jan this year, been surfing it loads. I'm 5'7 65kgs, intermediate. I bought it as I hadn't been surfing consistently the last year or two, and I wanted something that would paddle great and get me on loads of waves. Been surfing loads since, and the board has delivered. For reference, my other board is a 5'7 Activator (basically a Dominator with pulled in swallow tail) which is at 27L. I'm planning to replace that with a 5'3 Evo sometime soon.

    My question is mostly academic, as I love the GB. If it's anything up to shoulder high, or even head high if there's a channel etc, it's the board I take out almost every time. It paddles like a dream, and once you're up and on the back foot it turns great, feels like a way smaller board. Having said that, I struggle when it gets a bit steep at beachies. I was was wondering if the Chumlee is similar, but would deal better with steeper waves? I haven't had the chance to wind up the GB at a point break when it's overhead and a bit fat, but I reckon it would go great - always talking from my skill level of course.

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    Hi Phase, as there is not really a ton of real insight into the chumlee yet anywhere I may throw one in concerning your steeper beachies question: I think the CL has more range than the other 2 potato boards with a more rounded outline and thinned out rails. So if your used to surf it it should be ok in steeper beachies. Then it's still a wide arse board and by no means it is a perfect shape for a steeper beachie. You need a bit more rocker somewhere and a more pulled in tail to make a steep wave consistently. Think a chubby chedda, an SKX, a unibrow, even an evo. Still CL is probably a great shape for any quiver to cover small and fat waves.


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      I've ridden potato style boards and the greedy beaver,
      The gb is an all rounder for those looking for easy paddling, stability, wave catching. It isn't a great tiny wave grovellor imho but it is okay. The chum Lee, like potatoes, is for generating speed in smaller flatter faced waves, a specific grovellor. Although it is more refined in the rails and has more rocker than the previous potatoes, there are better boards for steep beaches.
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        I would say the Chumlee is a different board to the beaver but would likely have about the same wave range as they both have their design drawbacks for bigger or steeper more pitching waves. The potatoes and to a lesser extent the Chumlee's drawbacks are in the width and tail size and rocker the greedy would be in the nose size and rocker and a little in the width. I have ridden Baked and even sweet potatoes in well overhead waves but there not ideal. There so wide that they want to slide out on you and they are deliberately made with big wide tails generate speed in small waves which means that in bigger or more pitching waves they just want to race off and you will be going so fast you will be lucky to make a bottom turn without sliding out so you will have to nurse it turns very carefully. The Chumlee will be an improvement over the potatos for wave size and hold as it's longer thinner narrower per volume and has more rocker than potatos and a thinned down tail but they still have a wide tail and fairly flat rocker so they are designed to go in around the head high to under range really. I hear Evos go in most stuff so that should probably cover your requirements nicely. If you just want a little tweak on something that paddles well and surfs well but might have a little more range the Chumlee and the Creeper are probably both worth a look. I have a Creeper and I think that would hold well in a fairly decent wave. Other than that it's probably better to be looking into, Evo, Sci Fi, Almond butter, lost rocket, spitfire etc teritory. I didn't get on with my evo but I have to ride much bigger boards than what I would like as i'm 40 and 86 kgs and ride a slow fat wave. At your size and volume though your likely to love the Evo form all I have heard and that will surf chest to overhead and handle a little more hollow wave too I suspect. Hope that helps a bit..Some of these new boards like the creeper and the Beaver are amazingly versatile and will do more than your would expect at a push but at some point your taking a knife to a gunfight and you just need to take the next step up in performance to get what your looking for. Cheers Hope that helps
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          Thanks guys. I had no intention of going with the CL to handle steep beachies, just wanted to understand how it compares with the GB in different conditions. I guess that all makes sense, the narrower tail of the GB makes it more difficult to generate speed on to smaller fat waves. Still catches waves like a dream.

          Yeah, I think I'll be getting an EVO real soon, for when it's bigger and steeper.


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            Just got my Chumlee through and looking at it I can say it's very different to a lot of the other grovel boards. It's the best of the potato's in outline just less width in the mid nose and tail but much thinner and longer with more rocker and a more refined rail. Its got some Double Agent features in it too. Seems like it's got a solid chance of being the best of all worlds for waves knee to head high from just having a look. All the surface area for paddling but all the performance features for surfing.. Cant wait to get out on it :-)
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              Hi Guys.

              Ride Report on the Chumlee

              So I'm rocking the 6'1" 41.8 Litres I'm 40 86kg and ride mainly a slower beach break with plenty of wall and not usually too steep..

              I could write for ages (and probably will :-P but basically the Chumlee is hands down the best board I have ridden in a long time. I have had Sweet and Baked Potato's and loved them didn't get on with the Potatonator or the Double agent. Chumlee is "THE ONE" for waist to just overhead for my local break. Got it Friday and ridden it Friday night, twice on Saturday and again on Sunday and had Punchy head high waves through to crumbly grovelers in the waist to head high range and it just gobbles up the lot..

              The Shape takes the best of Potato and Double Agent elements in my opinion and also in my opinion beats them all as a package. I would say the shape is closest to being a thinner, more narrow, longer high performance sweet Potato. The tail and rails are nice and thin and sharp, the Rockers just right and the nose size and volume distribution are spot on. Just enough up front for paddling, thin enough at the back to Grip but still enough surface area and width to fly and I mean fly this thing is a fricken missile in the Helium!!!

              I finned up with my Go to Rainbow Cannard Quads (Speed Dilaler) with the cutaway on the back fin.


              They have been the go to fins in all my Potatos for years. Before it was a G1000 rear (that's pretty much what all the FCS2 rears are now) and my regular fins up front like a Parko or a GAM and since changing years ago I have never gone back, faster more hold and still easier to turn... I think the secret is a deep fat upright rear fin in the potatos and seems like still the Chum (though I suspect the Chum is less sensitive). Gives you control without slowing the board up too much with rake..I can absolutely recommend them if you want the speed but also the control and maneuverability. The fronts on these are a H2 without all the extreme cant. Ideal if you want something between your performance fins and something that can be a bit trackey like the spilt keel controllers. Rainbow also do a fin that's a bit smaller than a controller called the Heater if you want to go that way. They have been really helpful over the years and ship internationally too so I don't mind giving them a wee plug on here :-)

              First day it was punchy with easy head high sets.. I was really amazed at how much grip and hold it has and how confident I felt taking drops. I am pretty comfy on Potato shapes after riding them for years and our local wave is fairly fat and not very hollow but the Chumlee doesn't slide out like most spuds do on a steeper drop. Second wave I went into a close out straight down and the nose didn't catch at all so that gave me confidence in the board straight away. I would say in slower less hollow waves head high and under it's got almost as much grip and confidence as one of my fatter shortboards like say and almond butter or a rocket for me and you're in that bit earlier too as the potato style designs all paddle great and the wave often just picks the tail up and you're in. I would go as far as to say that for the same volume the Chumlee will be a better paddler than the sweet or baked and still feels really responsive. it's FAST too. Yup fast.. Like really fast.. It's as fast as any potato but you lay a rail down and it's right there with you gripping and turning not sliding out. Nice long arcing rail turns too if you want them and response is there for me too but i'm a pretty average surfer at best.. I found the board stable, easy to duckdive, easy to paddle, easy to catch waves and had plenty of performance for my ability. It's not going to grovel quite like an oversized sweet poato (i.e. like 5 more liters) but to be honest if you have a longboard or don't ride the absolutely marginal crap, the Chum really has you covered in most anything that's really worth surfing upto head high and a bit more if your in a pinch and riding waves that aren't too fast and hollow. Basically I totally agree with people saying if you have a Chum and a decent shortboard your sorted for most waves.. Second day was still fairly punchy and shoulder to just under head high and I had a ball. Fast, turns like a dream, confident getting in makes sections just felt so at home. It's like the potato I always wanted and i'm just as excited about it as I was my first sweet Potato all those years back. Last 2 surfs were in Crumbly slow onshore waves around waist high and the Chum was still on point.. Getting to the stage where you would probably be better reaching for a longboard or an oversized sweet potato but even that wouldn't really have made that much difference..

              All up the Chum is magic :-)

              Helium gets the thumbs up so far too. Very light which I was really worried about as I like the weight of FST but no downsides to Helium so far. It's extremely fast has a nice flex. Seems like it will be durable the rails are nice and sharp and It feels fine in onshore waves so far too.. Something about the flex has pretty good damping characteristics.. If you tap the deck when it's in the water it's a nice dun thud and you can see the nose reverberating just a little so seem to have some of the poly style characteristics So yeah Two thumbs up to Firewire, Chumle, Dan the Mann and Helium so far best first rides purchase in years.
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                Nice fins :). Didn't like mine split keel set at all (too tracky) but that upright style and low cant looks appealing.


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                  Originally posted by Phase View Post
                  Thanks guys. I had no intention of going with the CL to handle steep beachies, just wanted to understand how it compares with the GB in different conditions. I guess that all makes sense, the narrower tail of the GB makes it more difficult to generate speed on to smaller fat waves. Still catches waves like a dream.

                  Yeah, I think I'll be getting an EVO real soon, for when it's bigger and steeper.
                  I have an Evo and I wouldn't say it likes a steep or hollow wave that much. The take off is the problem if it is a hollow pitching wave. Like all shorter boards in those conditions you end up taking off under the lip and then the Evo itself is about speed generation it will be a little skaty and hard to control. Rolling take offs where you can get in before the waves starts barrelling are not too bad it will handle a barrelling section once you have your rail set. I still wouldn't want to take it out if it were much more than 1.5 x overhead.

                  I surf my Evo in weaker conditions up to about head high.