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    I Used to surf a 6ft1 El fuego, but after breaking it i'm in the market for another board.
    The idea is to have a 1 board quiver, but i do have a decent minimal for when it get's really small.

    I've spotted the 6ft future, as it looks like a more sporty high performance take on a hybrid.

    I'm about 11stone and i'm a pretty average surfer.
    i like to surf what ever comes my way. i don't tend to surf over 6-7ft though. I travel a lot so i surf all kinds of waves.

    is the this the right board for me? what is the pro and cons of it vs the el fuego? will the drop in volume be a issue? I'd like to go as short as poss as i will also be using the board to kite waves when the wind is up and waves are mushy and blown out.


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    Hey Lewis,
    The Futura is a great progression from the El Fuego model as it represents a board with a little more rocker and and overall higher level of performance.

    If the 601 El Fuego worked for you, the 602 Futura would likely be my starting suggestion. If you can get your hands on one to see what you think of the volume, you would be doing a great service in how you make a decision!

    Hope this helps a bit.