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6ft futura....

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  • 6ft futura....

    Got hold of a 6ft futura... Probs 4 years old?
    Not got it wet yet....
    Interesting chatter on forum about it. Seems it wi be good for variety Of waves? What have people took it u to? And how well can it grovel? Will it replace the trusty fuego?
    Be stoked to gear

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    Not knowing what size El Fuego you have I would say your Futura will surf the same waves as the El Fuego and then get you into well over head. For me the 6'1" El Fuego started to let go at around 5ft (powerful waves) but the 6'4" Futura is fine - I know that others on the Forum will say the El Fuego is fine in bigger waves so it is all down to the surfer and his preferences.
    But hey you now have both so get out there and enjoy finding out for yourself and make sure you give us a report!


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      Goanna, thanks for reply, fuego I surf is 5ft 11. Could surf 5ft 9 but felt wanted more vol.
      Also v tempted by the fishtail/quadfish as a final board for quiver. Fancy a cruisy fish for the smaller days....