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When did the new style vs. the old style take place for the futura?

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  • When did the new style vs. the old style take place for the futura?

    Just wondering. I am thinking of buying one and want to know if this is first gen or 2nd gen.?


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    First gen boards don't have an F for FST on the rail before the model name. There was only FST at the time.


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      Was there a certain run of boards, like 10,000 were made and then a switch was made? I know how to tell the difference but wondering if there were certain years or amount made before the switch over.


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        No idea. There are a few tell tale signs in the various generations. Very first ones had a slightly different logo, the early USA made ones had the deck and bottom skins finishing further back so more of the perimeter balsa was on show, then when RF was introduced the FST boards had an F infront of the model name on the rail, then FCS fusion plugs were introduced, then ventless models, now you have the top FST logo as well as the bottom.

        This is what a 1st gen looks like


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          Do you know the years as I think the little bit of fading and design differences really make it easy to tell the differences. I was just wondering from the production side if their was a certain number that made firewire transition. I love their boards and will keep riding them as long as I can.

          Do you think there were like 6-10k boards made before the switch over to the newer style with the vent. As I know that 2010-present are the ventless boards.


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            The only Ventless models are the SP, Taj, SF, HF, SR and newer models. Old models that were vented are still vented.

            No idea about production numbers. If it's not an obvious early board or a fusions board it'll be in the 2007 - 2009 range i guess. I don't know why you'd need to get anymore specific than that though.

            Here's a newer logo, but still early USA built version.


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              hey hwork,
              sorry, I am not following your question. What are you curious about? We don't build boards to a certain number then make the change, rather we come across ideas for running changes and make them if we feel they can make the boards perform or look better without sacrificing anything...

              hope this helps


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                Yeah, that helps just curious about the changes and how things worked. It did help.


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                  A bit late to the convo here but here is a 1st gen Futura. Indeed a great board, I have it with some H3s but luvin my EF so I haven't tried it out yet.