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  • Flexlight V TJ Pro

    Having a tough time deciding between the TJ Pro and flexlight. Looking for a fast, highly maneuverable board I can surf almost entriely off the tail and take vertical. I just oredered a the flexlight 8'0" squash 21 1/2 X 2 3/4, but wondering if I should call up and canx an go with the TJ pro. I was really wanting something with an agressive rocker profile for roundhouses and hitting the lip. I surf a lot of beach break and closeout barrels so more intersted in being able to quickly pop a board up for floaters and fit into a small spaces than nose riding. I'm 5'9" 175, intermediate surfer, looking for something to be able to start pushing me into more agressive tail-oriented longboarding, think Bonga.... Thoughts?

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    hey AK i did hit you with an email too so check that!!!


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      Anyone still around on this thread? I am debating the exact same thing!


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        The 8' is so good I ordered 3. It is a little harder to paddle than you would think, but this is more than made up for by how easy it is to snap the nose once you're up.

        It is not a noserider (unless you're 90lbs), but a very aggressive performance longboard.