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    I am thinking in a new longboard and i am seeing the firewire models so i want to do some questions.

    For what kind of waves serves swallow tail?
    and Squash?
    and what about surfing style for those tails?

    I have had two takayama models the last 6 years(lj richards 9,2 and in the pink 9,3).

    I am thinking in something good for small waves but not very clasic, if the waves go bigger so i can hit the lip


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    What size are you looking to get gizona???
    I like a lot the way my 9'0"round pin feels... very pivoty and and actually as an ELONGATED short board. I think if you go for smaller sizes the little swallow will be better as far as maneuverability goes (add the face that you can set it up as a quad as well) but on 9' and up I particularly like the round pin

    Nice little swell we got during summer in 2010 I believe. The bored ride like a champ


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      Hi iggy,

      Action pics,yeah that longboard looks a good tool

      I am thinking between 9,0 and 9,3.
      I like the flexflight 9,1(volume 75,3) but has swallow tail and I never have surfed a longboard with that tail.

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        Ha you going spelunking in the second shot in that longboard sequence? Looks hilarious.

        love it!


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          gizona, its a slightly different feeling that I think a is most noticeable for more back footed surfers. Just think a little more bite when on a faster wave than a standard square. It will slightly enhance pivot and be more noticeable for a more advanced surfer and as you spend time surfing it.

          Hope this helps!!


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            Got shampood!!!!;)... Fun day though!!!


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              Thanks, your comments help me a lot.


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                ha iggy i would say.

                gizona happy to help. hopefully a few more folks share their thoughts...


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                    good stuff Iggy!


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                      Actually, one further question. I have three of the squash tail 9'0". All three are fst. One has black lettering and markings. One has blue. One has green. The black one is significantly heavier than the other two, despite it being the only one of the three that has never been patched. I suspect it is older. Are the older ones heavier? And if I special order new ones, is it safe to assume they will be the lighter versions?


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                        Yeah that's safe. Without knowing a lot about that board, chances are it was built with a heavier lamination... new longboards are also built in our crossfire tech which helps optimize weight and durability...


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                          Even in the FST boards? All three of mine are FST. I guess it must just be the lamination then.


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                            yeah older FST versions did have different lams. We actually don't build our longboards in FST anymore except for customer special orders.



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                              Thanks! I just contacted my local shop to custom order two FSTs.