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9'0" broken in 2 pieces

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  • 9'0" broken in 2 pieces

    Hi. I am and have been attempting to get some information on my broken Flexflight for several weeks now directly from Firewire customer service but have received no response other than the intial request from them for photos, receipt, etc.

    I snapped my Flexfight Round Pin(serial #23009) while getting cought inside and trying to hold onto the board and not bail. The lip of the wave broke the board in 2 pieces right where the vent is. I am wondering if this board can be fixed, and if it has been done with any success. Also, once repaired will the flex be the same? Lastly, is the board weaker where the vent is? Has this happened to any others?

    Thanks for any help?

    (Chris at Firewire, not really sure why you have not gotten back to me; I simply want some answers. The board was in excellent shape at the time it broke.)


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    I have a few mates that ride long boards and they seem to be more prone to snapping. I'd suggest it is simply due to the extra length and the therefore the extra flex that engenders. I can't see the vent causing any weakness as it is smaller than a 5 cent piece - a hole that size would hardly weaken the structural integrity. Of course this is just opinion but it has come from years tinkering and modifying carbon composites in my other sport. Of course you can opine and hypothesise all you like, the facts can often still surprise.