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    Hey Chris,

    Still waiting for your email. Could you please contact me as soon as possible? Don't know what to do with my board!




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      Hey Bas, those dents by the tail pad are just dents you you get from knee knocks etc from popping and duck diving.
      Front foot area looks like a bubble though as you said.
      Have you mailed. Chris?
      Link to this thread and I'm sure he'll catch up with you.


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        The dent's in front of the tailpad are not the main problem! See the pictures. Bummer, don't have that with my other boards!

        The top layer at my front foot is delaminating as we speak, and i'm not even surfing it !!!!!
        Pretty shit quality if you ask me!

        Mailed chris a few times already.
        Nothing from him.

        Got chris his phone number for me ?


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          I don't have a phone number, sorry. Try and stay patient, I know it must be frustrating seeing your board like that but if you can stay calm it makes the process much easier.
          It's possible the guys are having a little time off for the Holidays, I know Chris is back in Maine with family so he might not be so hot with the emails for a day or two.
          I'm sure he'll pick things up real soon.


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            I have a question about the volume of 6'3 model,
            My 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 3/8 doesnt have the volume printed on the rail. But when I got it a year ago I pretty sure it was advertised at 29.7. But when I look at the F-1 page is states it's 28.9.
            Today in two different shops I saw the 6'3 x 19 x 2.5 volume at 28.9. So either the wrong volume is being printed on the rail or the F-1 info page and the board comparison is wrong.
            My F-1 feels great and volume feels spot on my 30ltr mark so it feels like it is the 29.7 ltr
            Can anyone clarify which volume is correct for both boards?


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              Hey Stylar,
              post your dims and serial number.



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                Hi Chris, I'm not really concerned with my board, it works great. The issue I'm trying to work out is if the website is wrong.
                My main reason is I was looking at the hellrazor in 6'1 at 29.1 ltr, and looked at the F-1 info page and it stated my dims FF1-603Q-05 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 3/8 is at 28.9 ltr, so based on that the 6'1 hellrazor would work.
                What made me check again was I saw 2 F-1 boards in store with FF1 603Q-03 6'3 x 19 x 2.5 have 28.9 printed on the rail. This is what I remember them to be when I bought my board the FF1 603Q-05 was 29.7 which is just under my taj at the time of 29.9
                So Chris can you check what's printed on the website is correct
                FF1-603Q-03 6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2 29.7
                FF1-603Q-05 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 5/16. 28.9
                Or shouldn't it be the other way around
                FF1-603Q-03 6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2 28.9. ( dims of boards i have seen instore)
                FF1-603Q-05 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 5/16. 29.7
                I used my better sense of judgement and went with the 6'3 HR. But don't want anyone else to be confused by this if the info page is incorrect.

                Thanks Chris
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                  Hey Stylar, the website is actually correct, so the dims listed below are what to look at.

                  Cheers and thanks for the extra attention. Hope the 603 Hellrazor works!

                  FF1-603Q-03 6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2 29.7
                  FF1-603Q-05 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 5/16. 28.9


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                    Thanks for your help chris. You might want to pass it onto quality control that there are 2 F-1 boards that I have seen with the incorrect volume written on the rail 603Q 6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2 @ 28.9.
                    I will keep my 6'3 HR for heavier stuff, and will sell my 6'3 F-1 for a 6'0 Michel.
                    A bit blown away by how well my F-1 paddles then if it's only 28.9 ltrs and me at 90+ kgs.
                    I haven't quite clicked with My F-1 anyway, it's been hot and cold, I think the extreme pulled in rounded squash in the last inch or two, doesnt have enough bite in the tail, and I feel at times its about to slide out on hard bottom turns.
                    Maybe it needs a fin that has a lot of rake in it for more hold, because the board turns on a dime.


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                      Found this pic from the old website listing the dims of the F-1, again it supports the 603Q5 @ 29.7 and the 603Q3 @ 28.9. So again I'm confused.
                      With board volume being an integral part of choosing the right board, in the end I hope the right info is posted.

                      I'll leave it in your trustworthy hands Chris to sort it out.

                      Cheers stylar


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                        Stylar not sure where that one came from.
                        But as we previously discussed:

                        FF1-603Q-03 6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2 29.7
                        FF1-603Q-05 6'3 x 19.5 x 2 5/16. 28.9



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                          I just traded my Futura in for the 6'1 F1 and really like it so far. I also have a 6'2 Taj that is my go to shortboard for overhead stuff but wanted something a little different. So far Ive ridden the GMB-5's exclusively & had no complaints but just got a set of H3 larges Im stoked to try.

                          Ive been riding Firewires for probably 4+ years and have ridden pretty much every model. My advice to anyone in between volumes or lengths is to go with the smaller & surf the hell out of it. You always want to buy a board above your ability that you can push yourself on.

                          Volume does not make up for poor fitness no matter what you ride.


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                            PleaseI need Help!! im going to make an order of a fst LOST F1 6.3 in firewire website the mesures are like this:

                            FF1-603Q-03 6' 3" 19" - 2 1/2" - squash - (29.7l.)
                            FF1-603Q-05 6' 3" 19 1/2" - 2 5/16" - squash - (28.9l.)

                            Please i need to know if the litres of the 6.3" x 19" (29.7l) are correct or are the other way around: 6.3" x 19" (28.9l).

                            Friends of mine have the 19" and are 28.9l. so maybe the website are listing a wrong measurements.

                            Please can somebody take on hand one LOST F1 6.3 and confirm me the volume??

                            Thanks a lot!!


                            • Sarge
                              Sarge commented
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                              If you like riding your friends 19 x 2 1/2 then order that one, and don't worry about the volume. The F1 is a very refined and highly rockered board. Don't compare it to your VG. I love my 5'6" VG, and having finally held a 19 x 2 1/2 F1, I know it is not enough board for me. But then I am close to 90kg.

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                            In the same way i wold like to question obout the board: Im 77kg and 5.9, my boards are Vg 5.6 and V4 5.10 that fits me perfect in volume and im looking for the F1 6.3 like my step up for bigger waves. Is this good option? And wich 6.3 must choose for these conditions, 6.3 x 19 x 2 1/2 or 6.3 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/16?? 6.3 x 19 x 2 1/2 would feel to bulky? Thanks a lot!!!