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    The Firefly is now El Fuego: we inadvertently used the same name as one of our competitors well established models. It was never our intention and when they asked us to change it, we thought it the right thing to do. There will be a few Firefly's in the market, but please note all future Firefly's will be El Fuego's.

    El Fuego Quiver Page

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    All of my 'I love the El Fuego' threads have disappeared and gone to a better place. Oh well! I will declare my love for the Fuego on this new message board. The El Fuego is one of the best boards I have ever owned and I highly recommend this board model to anybody looking for a groveler that also performs in good surf. You won't be sorry.


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      ox did they get erased?

      And I am with you on the El Fuego!


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        I'm with it too. If you surf anywhere that is not super hollow all the time, this is the board for you.


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          Has any one tried the EF with he K2.1 quads + Nubster trailer?

          I'm getting my 5'11" EF very soon to help out my "Project Switch Stance" to help solve my shi# stance :) and plan on a thruster setup (K2.1).

          But, the 5 fin options intrigues.

          - aurf


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            Never tried that myself, but I have used the k2.1 quad set and found it to go really well on that board.


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              Got my new EF today, its yellow but doesn't look so bad, its kinda cool actually.

              Also got the K2.1 quads with the Nubster, stoked!

              Really looking forward the experience. BTW, just saw "Who is J.O.B.", man shweet vid, the guy rips hard.

              - aurf


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                hey surf....
                i saw that board go out!!! i was pumped!

                hey go post your knubster details here too!!!




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                  So I've surfed my EF all weekend long including today and wow...

                  Praise all that's holy for producing this work horse.

                  Holy batsh#@ man!

                  My current config is all 5 fins but am looking foreward in experimenting with stuff like twinny/nubster, etc...

                  Thanks again FW, I'm a customer for life.

                  - aurf
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                    you liking that board aurf?

                    its one of my favorites as well!!



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                      Yo Chris,

                      The board is totally sik!

                      But then again, I have loved most of my boards, but this thing is a magic stick for sure.

                      Wow dude.

                      - aurf