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  • El fuego or Activator

    Hi iam looking for advice of boardchoice.
    Nowadays I mostly use my Channel Island Flyer 6'4, which is a great a board. However its in surftech material which is ok but since i mostly surf windy onshore waves i feel it becomes a bit "bumpy". I am looking for a similar versatile board but with a fresher shape and material and thats why I thought the El Fuego would be an option. But I see that the Activator is soon available, whats the main diff? Which size if choosing any of these two models should I go for and which firewire technology? Last question which FCS fin setup would you advice me to use, I have only surfed 1,2 and trifin boards so far, mainly using M5s and H2s on my CI for example.
    Iam 188cm, 84kg, quite ok trained and intermediate+ surfer , surfing mostly onshore north europeen mushy waves 2-6 feet and looking for "One board" to use both at my home break and on surftrips on steeper waves but similar size.
    My highest prios are that it should be able to catch both mushy and steep waves and turn on a dime;-)
    Thanks in advance

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    both models are going to be great, with the activator being a bit more rockered and a bit narrower in the nose while the el fuego is flatter with the wide point forward. both will be super fun boards, but you want to think about those differences and try to constrain which will mesh with your style more!!!

    I absolutely love my el fuego in a wide range of conditions...