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    Although there are numerous posts that outline people's specific heights/weights in relation to board choice, I am still utterly undecided. The EF seems like the perfect board, but don't know whether to go the 5'7 or 5'9.

    Bio: I am 5'8, approx. 67kg's and aged 24 (hence, no more massive growth spurts...). Been surfing for almost 10 years (I would classify myself as intermediate-advance), mostly mini-mals (8'4 currently). My brother has recently purchased a 6'0 alternator and 5'4 sweet potato, and is completely stoked with both. I am on the east coast of Aus., and mostly surf 3-4 ft days, 1-4 times per week (work dependent) - however, every now and then (rarely these days, the endless bummer!) surf bigger stuff.

    I am leaning towards the 5'9 - however, I don't want too much float for bigger days/duck-diving. Any help would be appreciated, although I understand that choosing a board is usually based on personal preferences, etc.

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    I'd say you were pretty borderline between the two. Where in East Aus are you? Mostly in boardies in punchy waves or wetty all year round? If your in minimal neoprene and a decent surfer in punchier waves the 5'7" will go great I think. However if you're in slacker waves I think the extra volume of the 5'9" would help.

    I would worry that dropping from a mini mal to a 5'7" would be a big jump!


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      @ prjwebb Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I range up and down the coast of NSW - so from boardies (Byron, Crescent) to wetty (3mm - Werri/7 mile) territory. I agree that dropping from a mini-mal to the 5'7 would be a big jump - However, I forgot to mention that my previous quiver has included a wide range of boards, from a gun thruster (5'10 fibreglass) and old-school fishes (6'0).


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        Well I'd say 5'7" would be on the low side of the volume range and 5'9" maybe the higher.
        Have you checked where the volume calculator puts you? I know you aussies are notorious for riding very low volume boards.
        If you like lower volumes the 5'7" could be great, if you want something more forgiving that'll work well still when the waves aren't great, 5'9".
        Or you could split the difference and order a 5'8" through the CBD...


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          @prjweeb, as you have pointed out, the volume calculator almost splits the 5'7 and 5'9 - just as a further point of clarification, looking at the FST model only (my brother raves about there float/construction/hardiness).

          I am 95% convinced to get the 5'9, due it's superior paddling ability, it's just that voice at the back of my mind that is hinting at going smaller - I might just have to buy another in the future to appease it! However, both the surf shop owner / mate's / brother agree that 5'9 would probably be the best of all worlds.

          Thanks for your advice prjwebb, totes appreciated man!


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            good stuff!! Thanks prj!


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              Hi guys

              sorry to bother you on this little issue, i ride a 60 18 1!2 2 3!16 flex fire japan series, im 31 yrs old weigh 165 lbs 5 10 tall inter/advanced, my groveler choice is a 5 7 dumpster diver replica basiclaly and thats my index for my next dream board which is the el fuego. i basically want the fastest board possible down the line to launch out and this looks like the one for the job right. so i dont know much difference, the volume in the 5 7 seems to suit me and im used to the size but adding a little up 5 9 would it be better speed wise but not as much vertically wise?? please advise if possible...




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                Hey, im 5'7 60 kg and i got the ef 5'9 (first fw) and i would change it to the 5'7. im int. so the 5'7 would be perfect for you.


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                  I think it suits me too the thing isni wanna be able to ride it when the waves turn to 1foot crap. Im cpnsiderin on the other side a spitfire or dominator. 5 6 What u guys reckon would be faster down the line?


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                    Elf is faster down the line, Dom/Spit better top to bottom.


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                      Hi guys!
                      I have the same question! The board size.

                      I am 35 yo, 1,72m and 71 kg. Been surfing for 4 years and I put myself in a beginer-intermediate level.
                      I've been looking an ELF 6'1, but after reading preavious posts, i'm afraid that is going to be to big for me!
                      What do you think?