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Is a 505 EF to small for

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  • Is a 505 EF to small for

    A 14 yr old weighing 50kg and swim fit. He is only starting out surfing and on a 511 hybrid (like a Dom but not as much float). Catches waves easy but seems but still not making every takeoff. Once his up his ok but still learning were to be on the wave.

    The alternative maybe a 506 Dom?


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    Just thought I would ad to this.

    He has the takeoff technique master (getting up in one motion) but seems to be a bit stiff legged and often falls off at this point. I thought the smaller board and narrower tail might give him a bit more "feel".

    He is generally not afraid to paddle into anything and will go for a head high beachie and end up over the falls but happy to paddle back out and have another go.

    I know the EF is a bit flat rocketed but have a chance to pick up a SH one. The volume looks right in the middle of the range for his weight but I note on the board recommendation chart, EFs start at 509 for any size beginner.


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      I would certainly have enough float, but I'd worry a little about the length. How tall is he? Some 14 yr olds are taller than me these days I swear!


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        He is 5'4 and pretty skinny. I was thinking around the 507 but can save some $ on a used 505 board. If it will paddle ok I am tempted to get it as I think he will develop the skill to go with as long as he can get into a wave.

        Birthday coming soon. We will keep the other 511 as it is quite ok just a bit big. When he sits on it he is sitting on top of the water so combined with a wide tail I wonder if it is holding him back now he is starting to progress.


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          I think it'd be worth a try, but got to watch out for growth spurts. If its cheap you can probably sell it on and get your money back if need be.


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            Thanks. How tall is too tall for a 505? He seems to be growing an inch a week at the moment!


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              As long as he doesn't get hugely taller than the board length before he gets the hang of the board he should be ok. Just get him out on it as much as possible haha.


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                i think with a growing kid you should go a little bigger....507....


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                  I'm 5'9" & I have a 505 El Fuego. It surfs great for me but I've got 20+ yrs surfing experience. It's a good board choice for good shaped waves between 2-4ft.


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                    yeah the whole "growing" part makes me think you should go a little bigger.