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  • El Fuego daimontail 603 - future fin -

    This board has been amazing - I just wanted to let you guys know that this board is great and I appreciate the work! I have been through a few firewire boards (dominator, flexfire, alternator) and this board along with the 508 sweet potato cover pretty much the whole range of swell for me and they are the best boards I have ever owned, with the exception of one nev board I had when I was 16 that flew off the top of my car while I was driving and I could never replicate again, a very sad day - there isn't much overlap, its either a sweet potato day or an el fuego day, and I love that -they seem to satisfy every condition. I was really surprised at how well the el fuego paddles to - I think most know the sweet potato is an easy paddler and is extremely loose (you can go all over the place with it). I was also recommended to get the future controllers for both from Chris and those fins are amazing as well for those boards specifically!

    Up in Oceanside, Ca surfing is good for me thanks to you guys - just for the record I am 6'0 - 200lbs - 41 years, surfed for about 25 years.

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    Another happy customer! stoked for you Gary (or is it Emily?)


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      LOL - at 6'0 200 I would be one really thick chick :-)


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        great to hear Gary!
        Thanks for posting!!


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          You just answered one of the questions I've had for a while - is there too much overlap between a SP and an EF? Good to hear that there isn't.

          Right now my ideal quiver would be 5'8" SP, 6'3" EF, and something like a 6'7" Hellrazor for the bigger/steeper stuff.


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            yeah Gnubee!