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Size Advice Needed - Please - 5'7'' or 5'9''??

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  • Size Advice Needed - Please - 5'7'' or 5'9''??

    Unfortunately, this is yet another size thread but your help will be much appreciated.

    Looking at purchasing a new El Fuego and stuck on the size, to help; i am 5'7'' 155lbs, in good shape and surf 3-4 times a week, surf depending. I am currently riding a 5'8'' x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 Dumpster Diver approx 28L in volume and a 5'8'' x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8 JS Nitro approx 27L in volume.

    Looking to ride the fuego in waste - head high waves.

    I am completely torn between the 5'7'' and 5'9''. Little worried the 5'7'' may be a little under size and 5'9'' a little over sized. Advice and thoughts please?

    Finally, really like the look of the diamond tail over the swallow, what are the pros and cons of each?


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    Hey GLH

    I'm 5'6" 155 lbs and intermediate. I picked up a 5'9" EF FST swallow and totally stoked. Paddling is excellent and the board does not feel too floaty. It's somewhere b/n my regular 5"10" x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8 PU board and my 6"2" retro fish. More toward the PU short board feel though. Duck diving is easy. I ride it as a quad with G5 sides and GX trailers. Plenty of hold in knee to chest high stuff, but a tad hard to turn for me. I prob need less vol and more upright trailers. I'm def a front foot surfer and the EF forward wide point carters to this style. I think I would have shorter surf sessions if I went with a 5"6" from gassing oiut on paddling. but again I surf prob half as much as you do.

    Hope this helps.



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      First off, the EF is an awesome board, so good choice there. My best advice is to take a look at the charts and be perfectly honest with yourself about your abilities. Since you surf 3-4 times/wk, I don't think the shorter board would hurt you. I'm what you would consider a low intermediate and my 6'3" feels perfect. My weight put me either on the 6'3" or the 6'1". I could have opted for the 6'1" and been happy, but I factored in the weight of a full wetsuit and the fact that I don't get out nearly as often as I would like. I know the trend is to go short, and the EF paddles really well so the length won't make all that much difference between the two. I really think that either way you go you cant lose.

      I have a diamond tail version and love the feel of it. It feels to me like it helps give a bit of sharpness to the turns. Haven't ridden the swallow tail so I can't really comment on it.


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        Hi guys!
        I have the same question! The board size.

        I am 35 yo, 1,72m and 71 kg. Been surfing for 4 years and I put myself in a beginer-intermediate level.
        I've been looking an ELF 6'1, but after reading preavious posts, i'm afraid that is going to be to big for me!
        What do you think?


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          What are you riding now?.
          Flotation wise the 5'11" will float you plenty but all depends on your skills


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            Excellent choice of board. I've got an additional 20cm, 18kg and I'm 8 years older than you. Our skill level is probably close to the same. I ride a 6'3" and could easily go with a 6'1". I'd say 5'11" would be a safe bet, and likely the way I would go, (even thought a 5'9" might even work). I know that sounds really short, but the board paddles like a dream and hides a lot of foam. I suspect that you may find the 6'1" to feel (borderline) too big.

            If you go with the FCS model, do yourself a favour and get a set of Nexus H3's. I find them to be a perfect match in either a thruster or quad setup.


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              Yeah you got to factor in everything like what wetsuits you'll wear most, how often you'll be out etc. I had a 5'11 which was ok but long flat spells, winter around the corner i'm trading in for a 6'1 for a little extra volume. And you have to be realistic about the type of waves you surf. Great board!


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                Thanks guys!


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                  I have surfed the EF in the 6,1 swallow and the 5,11 diamond .I have enjoyed both boards but they are night and day different in feel , If they did not have the same logo I would not think that they were the same model. I enjoyed the 5,11 in more punchy beach break conditions for more tight in the pocket surfing . The 6,1 enjoys bigger more open faced waves where you need to hold your rail a lot longer , the board has a lot more drive than the 5,11 and I really notice the difference in volume not for better or worse but for me the two board suit different type waves. I hope this may help.


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                    I love my 6,1 and I am a little lighter than you , I think it is the best all round board that I have ever owned. For me it is also the easiest board in the firewire range to surf well on right across all wave types.


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                      If you have a bit of skill 6'1" should be fine. Good question about the PNator. It seems to me that there is a lot of crossover between them. I second Rusty's opinion though. Absolutely fabulous board. See if you notice this: when I was looking for a new board, I watched every Nev video there was on the different boards in the Firewire range. Now, his job is to speak highly of his own products, but when he introduces the El Fuego as "the world's best surfboard" there is a real sincerity in his tone of voice. He really means it.

                      I think an El Fuego/Hellrazor combo would be an outstanding quiver (throw in an SP or BP for the micro small days, as in below thigh high).


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                        6,1 SWALLOW WITH K3s fcs is a winner for me


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                          Diamond tail, FCS with Nexus H3's - pure magic as either a thruster or quad. I haven't tried the Indofins version of the Controllers yet, but I will.


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                            I Second the H3s as well. Great Fin


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                              Rusty you ride them in bigger waves? i am not sure I would like that extreme can't with a good head of steam.