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  • Elfuegonator?

    Gday all,

    Lookin at gettin a dominator or el fuego as my next board.I'm 5'7 and weigh around the 85 kilo mark and after something thats gonna be a good paddler when the waves aren't the best and im not the best paddler im the world.
    I'm 5'7 and around the 85kilo mark and sit in the intermediate category and mostly surf off the front foot.

    The board guide says i should be lookin at a 6'2 dom or a 6'1el fuego. I got to test drive a 5'10 dom the oth3er week and got to like it by the end of the week but still found it hard to get into waves but loved the responsiveness.i dont really wanna go for a 6'2 dom as im only a short arse but im thinkin the 6'1 elfuego mite be the go.Do you reckon the el fuego with the flatter entry rocker would be an easier paddler than the dom. any suggestions would be appreciated
    cheers lads

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    the El fuego sounds right for you mate...its a front footer....and yes, the forward foil/area glide on beautifully...i even got a 5'7 into waves easy as pie...just think about the volume/length though...if your towards the advanced end of intermediate, then at your height, and as you said you liked the responsiveness of the 510 dom, you may benefit from the next size down...
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      Maybe for your height and the volume you are looking for the Potatonator maybe a good option for you in the 5,8 or 5,10 max.
      Thats if you can wait for one. I think if you can keep your boards closer to your height you will benefit alot more.In saying that the El Fuego is my go to board for most conditions.


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        Hey Bird, for the height , weight and ability you describe - I would say the 6'1" El Fuego would be perfect for you.
        But as Core says....if you are at the upper end of intermediate skills just go the next size down.
        I had this same board at 95kg and it was good to catch waves with my front foot style - I can only imagine how good it would be at 85kg!


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          Yeah good stuff goanna.

          Flightlessbird, I would agree that the El Fuego does paddle easily due to its wide and flat nose, and it will keep the volume down a bit when compared to the dominator. As for sizing, I would definitely stick with the 601... you'll be amped!!


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            Cheers guys I think il go with the 601 it sounds about right . Can't wait to get me grubby little hands on it


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              The EF is a shaweeet! Tons of fun and looks killer, get the diamond tail.

              Although I cannot make it go well in the pocket so this is when I bust out the 5.2 SP in 4-6 Ventura juice.

              I know the SP wasn't designed for this but it does bode well in the pocket, a bit squirrely at first but I adjust.

              Still, if you truly understand waves and surfing like a Jedi, I do feel you can make any board go as you please. I'm just not good enough to pocket surf the EF.


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                stoked Aurf. The Fuego rips in the pocket, just elongate your lines a little bit....