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dom/spit, elf or activator?

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  • dom/spit, elf or activator?

    Hi guys,
    This is my first post. I have recently caught the firewire bug and it has got me thinking its time to change a couple of my boards and try out the Fires. I am thinking of going slightly shorter and slighty wider to spice things up a bit. I am currently riding a 5'8,19,2 1/4 as my small wave board, a 6'0, 18 3/8, 2 1/4 for good waves and I also have a 6'3 for when it gets heavy. I am 5"11 66kg, 27 and Quite fit, and have been surfing for about 12 years. I am looking to swap my 5'8 for a dom/spit/elf or acivator, something that will be my go to board from knee to head high? I really like the look of the dom/spit but my volume falls in between the 5'4 and 5'6 at about 26 to 27 litres.
    Should I consider the 5'6 at 28.3 litres?
    or perhaps the 5'7 elf at 26.7 litres? or 5'7 activator at 27.4 litres?
    If it helps I am looking at getting a 5'10 alternator at 25.9 litres for my performance board.
    P.S wicked forum, and sorry for writting a novel.....Stoop.

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    You are fairly tall and light. The 5 4 Dom might be a bit short. The 5'6 would be fairly floaty if your used to less vol. the 5'7 elf could work if you want to keep vol lower but length short as its thinner and still wide. I think a 5'7 activator could be the ticket though, could fit well what your looking for as its going to be short wide and nit be over volumed like the dom might be. Or you could look at something like the sub scorcher or chubby chedda?
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