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Volume measurement on rail

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  • Volume measurement on rail

    Hey guys, I'm just about to buy a second hand 5'11 FST ELF and was wondering how long along ago FW started writing the volume measurements on the rail.

    The guy selling it reckons this board is only 9 months old, but I thought the volume measurements had been written on the rail for over 12months now... ? I know it may have been sitting on the rack for a while, but you know how it is.
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    I'd say it has been a bit over 12 months now. I bought my Hellfire in February 2012 and it had no valve and the volume written on the rail with the rest of the dimensions.

    There will be a serial number on the side...Chris can usually work out approximate age from that if you can get it.


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      Slap some controller quads in that baby if it has a futures set up-- they complement that board perfectly. If it has fcs, they probably have an equivalent


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        I'm going to use mrtfx quads as my board has FCS fins.