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El Fuego and Dominator Reflections, fins etc...

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  • El Fuego and Dominator Reflections, fins etc...

    After surfing the hell out of my Dominator and El Fuego (in 4-10 ft., faces), I am ready to post my thoughts. I am 45 yrs, 6'0, 160 lbs, experienced, competent surfer on Kauai. My Dom. is 5'10 Rapidfire-- beautiful bamboo! I tried about 4 sets of Futures fins and settled on the Rusty R1 5-fin set (I usually ride it as a quad). These fins are amazing and match the Dom. perfectly- -loose and drivey! Nev wasn't kidding when he said the Controllers are magic for the Elf-- they are by far my favorite fins for that board. My Elf is 5'11, FST diamond tail. I got the diamond for extra squirt, but I bet the swallow goes insane too. The Dom is better for more in the pocket "hook" type turns, cutbacks, and barrels; the Elf catches waves easier and does incredible carves down the line with momentum-- Neither board makes the other redundant. Lighter, more buoyant, stronger, great flex, the aesthetics of wood-- I still don't get why everyone doesn't own a Firewire!
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    hey seakale,

    Thanks for you review and positive words! means a lot to us to have folks come on and share their feel good stories! Makes a difference!

    CHeers and keep ripping.


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      Mate the 6'1" ElFuego was the one that got away from me sadly - had a buyer there and then so I took the cash.
      for me it was the most versitile, hassle free, easy to ride Firewire I've owned to date