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Yet another EF size recommendation

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  • Yet another EF size recommendation

    New to the forum and want to get some input for my 1st FW purchase. Some background: Moved from San Diego, Ca to China 3 years ago so surfing chances now are reduced to a few times in the fall at some typhoon swell beach breaks in china (waist to HH average) and trips to Philippines, Taiwan, Indo, a few times a year. Also usually get back to SD in the summer. So I used to be an advanced intermediate surfer (4-5x/week average sometimes 2x per day) to surfing on holidays. Have gained a few pounds too. So paddle shape not as good but once up and going, I still pretty much have it. Love to ride fishy type boards and do well with loose boards (I think I surf real front foot heavy and often ride my thruster with a little center fin even in bigger surf successfully). Have outgrown (outweighed) my Merrick Flyer II (6'4"x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2) and just not getting much out of it since I have weight and lost some paddle fitness.
    So, since I am in China and I need a new board for my christmas holidays, I am in the search. Was thinking that a 6'4" Spitfire would satisfy the small to medium wave range and then a 6'6" Hellfire for the bigger stuff. However, I can't get those now as I am stuck here. But I found a 6'3" El Fuego in Hong Kong that is not too much more expensive than the U.S.
    Finally the question: given my surfing level now (intermediate to advanced intermediate) and weight (about 200 lbs or 92 kg) do you think a 6'3" EF is enough float etc... for me. I will use this board for China surf and when I travel and know that sizable swell is not on the forecast. Thinking that EF should handle about knee to a bit overhead and most average breaks. Will probably purchase a 2nd FW for my quiver (the 6'6" Hellfire) for more sizable swell.

    I appreciate any and all replies, and my apologies for writing such a long post. Real excited to get on a FW after reading all of the posts here.

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    I think the EF is a magic board. I'm not very good and the EF works very well for me. I'm sure you still "have it" so the 6'3" should be more then enough.

    I'd suggest the K2.1 quad as a fin set up. Or you can do the MRTFX tri set which has a small trailing fin. The board is especially great for front footed surfers as well.

    I really cannot say enough about this bad boy.

    Although at 200 pounds, isn't a 6'3" gonna be a bit too much float?

    Any wide loaders wanna weigh in on the subject, I iz only 145 :)


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      I weigh about what you do and love my 6'3". If you get an fcs setup, go with the nexus h3. They are deadly in this board. It shines in the thigh to head high range, although it can go bigger if need be. After head high I find myself wanting a bit less foam in order to really sink the rail into the turns. Wicked board though.


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        Great, thanks for the input. So, I noticed that the nexus h3s come in different sizes. Which would u recommend?
        Thanks again, r


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          I am 180 and ride a 6'1" FST. I love this board and have had some pretty great sessions on it. If the waves are 2-4 foot I take this out, in fact I sold my DOM because I love this board that much. It seems to go top to bottom better, which I like. Not sure if this helps at all, but I really like what Nev did with this one. I use the MRTX fins and will be experimenting with the controller set-up.


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            When sizing the H3s, just go by your weight. I run larges since I weigh somewhere in the 200lb range. The FCS web site has a pretty good guide on it.


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              Thanks again everyone. So i have looked into the h-3s, are you riding as a quad with these or tri?


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                Both, depending on the size of the wave. I'm really liking the quad though. Either way the board goes like crazy and is super fun to ride.


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                  I've done the 5, K2.1 quad with the Nubster, board ran excellent!

                  Will be doin H3s in Costa Rica.

                  Although the 14 day report looks bleak :(


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                    Could you discuss the differences in the MRTX and the H3 fins? I have the H2's which I may try, but really curious how it compares with the K 2.1 and the other fins. I went to the FCS website but it was not that helpful.


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                      I have not used the MRTX, but they are a LOT bigger than the H3. I have head that they go great in the El Fuego witha small trailer (the MRTX usually comes with one). Unfortunately I haven't used the K2.1s either. The biggest thing about the H3s is their construction. When you hold the fin, you can actually feel the flex in the tip, but at the base they are super stiff. This translates into lots of drive, but with the ability to carry a bunch of speed through turns. The fin feels really smooth when surfing it - neither tracky nor overly squirrelly. Just fast and awesome.


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                        I have some fins I need to sell so maybe that is what I will replace them with. Good to hear some comments on them though as you can never have enough fins. I am going to try the controllers, and the H2 set-up as I am always trying new things. Unfortunately my Fuego got a big ding today, bummer.