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5'8" DA with Shapers Quad keel fins for sale

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  • 5'8" DA with Shapers Quad keel fins for sale

    In excellent condition 5'8" DA with Shapers Quad Keel fins for sale; $450. I'm in LA area, Malibu to Venice. Pics below.
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    I just noticed that the pics aren't showing due to message approval status?

    So message me as I have em to view.


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      Why are you selling it ? I'm very happy with mine :)


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        Hi Erling,

        While I love it, the tail is what makes this board, I want a bigger version. I do get waves but I wanna get more and my buddies all have over sized boards.

        So while I do get waves, I simply a question of more. I'm going to size up to 5'10 or 6 due to being pretty lanky and sorta find these shorter boards to be a bit awkward at times.

        I've seen and listened to many guys talking about length/volume etc... but they are all shorter then I.

        I'm about 6'2" an leggy, I can touch 10' ceilings with out much issue and so the shorter boards don't really work for me all the time even though the volume may be spot on.

        So while the 5'10 or up may be a bit corky, I don't care. I'm a wine drinker after all :)

        The shape of this board is awesome.
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          It sure is